Technology should not be available only to certain group of people. Scientifically, people who are handicapped are more intelligent than normal ones. Researchers and computer scientists have already founded the device for visually challenged people to use computers. The fact that you have a bump on the keys F and J of your keyboard is just for making visually impaired people to type easily. Those people learn the things in the world completely in a different way. That is why, most of the smartest people are usually visually or physically challenged people. There are Android games for visually challenged users.

Why do we always play exciting games and use enormous apps on Android? Let visually challenged users have some fun right there on Android. Here is a list of Android games that lets visually challenged users to play games on Android.

#1 LockPick

LockPick is the game where you may need to struggle for opening the lock using a pick. The phone's motion sensor feature is used to play this game. The user need to turn the phone and press volume button gently for opening the lock. The harder you press, the pick might get broken. The user shall not use the display screen of the phone at all making blinds to play easily. LockPick has two different modes, Time Attack and Puzzle Mode. In Time Mode, you will have to face the challenge with short time provided.

LockPick Android Games for Visually Challenged Users

#2 Eyes-free Golf

This game has special indicating feature that lets user to know where the golf ball is. This makes the users with visual disability to play easily. You can easily determine the winning status with the help of sound and vibration as indication. The app can run any Android 2.2 and up.

Golf Game for Blinds

#3 Eyes-free Minesweeper

Minesweeper is the most popular game as it came with Windows operating system and every Windows user should be knowing about this wonderful game. The game is totally uncertain who still haven't found the logic behind it but becomes the most easiest for people who have found the logic behind the game. Minesweeper is the game where you are supposed to flag all the boxes that contain bomb. This is the most classy and logical game for people. Eyes-free Minesweeper for Android have got a great options exclusively for visually impaired users.

Minesweeper on Android for Visually Impaired

#4 Zarodnik BFG

This game features 3D sound feature that lets blinds to play the game much easily. The game is based on a monster story. The target is  to become a dreadful predator in the ocean. Operation is made quite simple with single touch and long touch and this had apparently made blinds to play the game easily.

Zarodnik Ocean Game for Blinds

Rather than Games, there are also apps that are exclusively meant for visually challenged users. For example, there are some apps that enables visually challenged users to send text messages easily using their Android smartphone.

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Do you want to suggest any apps for Android that are specially developed for visually challenged users? Please comment below. This will be useful for both normal and visually challenged readers who come over here.