As far now, Android is considered to be the most used Platform in mobile devices. Android has rolled out lots of Applications that can entertain users. Not only it entertains, some applications are useful in business lines. Entertainment section can be divided into three. One will be the Applications like voice changer, picture editor and similar types. Second one contains applications like quiz, puzzles and much more. Third section can hold all HD and non HD video games that can dip a youth into the game.

I have seen people playing games on their Android devices while in bed, bathroom, walking, bus, car, classrooms, office etc. I don't have an Android phone but I always wonder about a specialty found in Android devices. The features are so unique and different, in other words, they are quite distinct from other platform. Android Games can be played using motion sensors and touch features. I have seen friends playing in Android mobile with interests and concentration. They don't even listen to any conversation that are going on nearby when they play game on Android devices. I really start to throw paper rockets on them when they do like this. But at the same time when I play, I too playing the game very interestingly. This time, they won't throw any rockets on me. Friends will kill me if they see the previous line!

I conducted a survey on most played games on Android mobiles within my friends and family circles. Most of them told same game. They also told their excitement and missions to be accomplished in a particular game. Most of them told about same set of games in their choice of entertaining games on Android device.

#1 Angry Birds

#2 Grand Theft Auto 3

We might have played Grand Theft Auto or GTA in our PC in childhood. Some play even now. The play is same as we play in PC. We go working for our boss for money and looks like comic stuffed story. GTA, which is developed by Rockstar Games Inc. has really contributed a lot for developing their games for Android devices. There comes not only their business but also a mind of giving service to people. Noting the growth rate of Android users in the globe, Rockstar has really created a game for Android users which could make the games more addicted and creates fun moments while playing. A story based game in which you are the hero and does crime. City Police men often busts us for doing crime but escaping from that stategy is a thrilling one. This makes not only the kids but also youngsters more excited and an ambition to complete a mission in the game. GTA 3 is now popular among the users of Android. Experts of GTA 3 says that they felt a different experience while playing the game. They've never seen such graphichal games and also looks like a milestone for mobile gaming technology.

#3 Racing Moto

A racing game which makes the gamer to get into a great interest and deep involvement. A fastest racing game ever and you have to ride your bike as fast you could. By accelerating the most, you get more scores. Motion sensors in the mobile makes the gamer to turn around physically. A gamer who is more interested and who has got deep into playing will move his body physically while turning your bike. Usually, this will happen to me. That's why I shared this point. A different location of city, sea side, forest, desert, bridge and forest can made use of playing race. You need more speed to rush in a traffic time. The newer version 1.1.2 offers a great improvement in graphics and game play. Selection of motorcycles has been added more for your choice.

#4 Stick Cricket

Cricket, which is most played game in India, Australia and much more countries has created fans and gamer to play a computer based or mobile based game to fill their sport trench. A sportive Android game which is most played almost all over the world. Challenge the teams, win the match and the cup is yours! High level graphics are involved and it has been featured in Top 25 Android games in the App store.

#5 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Call of Duty, as far we know, its an action game with full of shooting and mission accomplishments. The game seems to work in a 3D surround or creates an illusion like that because the continuous movements of enemies and the hero makes speaker to come out. The Shooting sound combined with it creates an illusion that we are in a war field. A gamer goes deep in the game due to continuous interest over killing the enemies. Who doesn't like becoming a hero? Every guy likes. The graphical representation of the game has rocked than the previous versions of Call Of Duty. The MW3 has really placed a good impression over android mobile users. The game is available for free on market but there exists a premium version too. The premium version is alwways better than a free version. Most of the features which you can't access in a free version can be accessed in the premium version of Call of Duty.

#6 Third Blade

The game looks like a 3D one but is attracted to most of the users in Android market. It is an Action Game and has been selected as a featured game at Google Play in the month of September 2011. The users has not got dropped from the date of launch to till now. Makes the games too excited and cool. Contains endless battles and makes you immersed in the game for long time. Shortly, we can mock this game as a Time Killer. It doesn't allows a gamer to look even at his watch for work schedule. Makes the gamer to aim for winning the battles and this is what they call it as Action RPG. You should kill the monsters in your path of journey.

#7 Zombie Runaway

It's a racing game like thing but here you are not supposed to drive a car or something! Just, you have to run for your life. You have to run fast and faster and should try to hit tombstones for getting points. It has created an attractive impression over people's mind and the interest of people to play this game has got increased than previous years. A developer named Com2us has developed this game and the developer is rated as a Top Developer in the Google Play. This game is available for free of cost and can be played in a full fledged interest and excitement.

Do you have any other game which you like the most? Share it here in comments!