Microsoft Edge has got popular in many ways after it came out with Windows 10. I started trying out Edge a couple of week back and the result was astonishingly amazing. Edge was fast both in fetching data for the website and in terms of utilization of memory. As it is a new browser with lack of extensions, it is obvious that it occupies less space in the memory but hopefully, if it starts providing add-ons, then ultimately the utilization of computer memory might increase drastically. Taking the speed and user experience into account, Edge has given a positive result. Hence, you won't switch back to Chrome once you've attached with Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft has also confirmed about the support of extensions in the near future.

What makes Edge so differentiated from other browsers?

Unlike Internet Explorer, Microsoft has worked on Edge by developing it from scratch eliminating all the issues faced by Internet Explorer. Edge has concluded about Microsoft that they can create a browser that is dead slow and also a browser that runs faster than any other. Microsoft wants you to try out Edge and get to know about the fastest browsing experience ever. Speed and memory consumption is the main thing that makes Edge differentiated from other popular browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Here is a list of features that makes Edge unique from Google Chrome.

#1 New Tab Page

Microsoft Edge's New Tab page consists of almost all required tiles that you want to see when you open your PC in the morning. From news to weather, everything shows up for you that you can continue clicking on those news to learn more about it.

#2 Web Note

You can scribble on any web page just hitting the Make a Web Note icon. Mark important lines after you've read or while reading, and save it for future reference in One Note or as Favorites. This feature works well on a tablet. However, right from Cortana to Edge, Microsoft wants users to experience their products on every devices by every user.

Edge Web Note - Won't switch back to chrome

#3 Tab Preview

Switching tab has become easier and not confusing like on other browsers. Microsoft Edge shows preview of a web page on hovering over the tab for a moment. This has solved confusion while switching between same sites on different tabs.

#4 Reading View

Reading view is already available on Safari and Firefox but Chrome has no pre-built feature to have a reading view of websites. Soon Chrome users should see this update too. Reading View on Edge works great when content of the site is cluttered.

#5 Memory

Microsoft Edge consumes less memory when compared to other browsers. Here is a screenshot with same websites open on all three browsers. Edge wins by consuming less memory.

Microsoft Edge Memory Consumption

#6 Speed

Microsoft Edge has an algorithm that renders the content in the browser faster than other browsers could do.


Microsoft Edge welcomes you to browse webpages faster and the user experience on the browser with additional feature not only makes the browser to stand out but also makes user experience a lot more better. However, Microsoft Edge is not supported by certain websites such as WhatsApp Web. People may soon start using Microsoft Edge when all websites are compatible to it. Also lack of extension feature might be one of the reason for people not to use Microsoft Edge.