We've been using a laptop which is around 3 to 5 Kg in mass. Intel has come forward to create a second generation of Core processor which makes the Laptop small in size and greater in performance. We carry laptops all round the world to progress in our work. Why to carry such an heavy mass all round which make us to fall back or exerts pressure back. Ultra Slim Laptops are now available in market from various vendors like Intel, Acer, DELL and others.

Second Generation Core Processor of Intel doesn't gets heated up much and the performance won't get reduced due to temperature of the processor. It fits your bag and exerts low pressure on your back when you carry them. Ultra thin Laptop brings you all features like a normal laptop. If I want to say it correctly, it has greater features than a normal laptop.

Battery Power facilitates a longer lifetime. Works for hours and forget about plugging in on AC power for longer time. The response time of the Ultra Slim Laptop is much better than other computers and laptops. Resume your content within two seconds. The design is made such that it is made of a sleek design and thinner thickness. The thickness is around 0.51 inches.

The Ultrabooks also paves way for HDMI connectivity. You can connect a LED or LCD Television which enhances greater clarity of display in it. The Internet Connectivity is made four times faster than a previous one. It can load webpages less than seconds. The Second generation of Intel Core processors have introduced such a faster computer ever.

The main thing to be considered in Ultrabook is its weight. It weighs less than 3 lbs which is less than 1.3 Kg. Even a baby of one and a half year can lift the Ultrabook. The display quality and the thickness of screen is just awesome. The display quality is quite better than a normal laptop as it it featured by graphic hardware and also the quality of the display is improved. Despite the quality, it provides a slim screen which looks like a paper sheet placed vertically when you see in side ways.

A webcam of 1.3 Mega Pixel has been built at the top of the screen for better internet chatting experience. Ultrabook is known for low energy consumed laptops, thereby consuming less power from battery. A Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity is also setup for transferring files from your computer to another or other devices like mobiles.

Multitasking feature has greatly improved in the second generation Intel Core processor. It can work 8 hours in sleep mode and can remain 50 days of Battery charge if the computer remains in deep sleep.

Ultrabooks has made everything wireless. From Internet to Entertainment. Wireless internet and local connectivity enhances your life in your Office and home circle. You can watch a movie in a large displays if available anywhere without any wires connected. Usually most of the Laptops shrinks the size of the keys in the keyboard but Ultrabooks brings you all the key features in the keyboard. Users can feel the full experience of a computer in a light weight technology.

We have to consider when a Laptop goes thinner like a Mac book.

I have examined Intel and Acer Ultrabooks here. If any other vendor brings any new feature to it, then you may comment here.