WebGL applications are quite interesting and makes people wonder about the present web technology development. WebGL is an API for developing interactive 2D and 3D animations within a user's web browser. This make use of JavaScript and HTML5. Chrome Experiments has got a lot of collections that might amaze you. Here are some selected 6 cool WebGL chrome experiments that might make you wonder about the latest technology in web development.

1. Zygote Body

Zygote Body Chrome Experiment WebGL

This chrome experiment helps you to understand the structure of a human body. It is really interesting when you are learning something in 3-Dimension than you grasp from text books. Zygote is developed to represent human body in 360-degree view and also has a feature to show muscle view, bone view, organs and also shows the clear neuron-network of the human body system.

2. Cube

Google Maps Cube - Chrome Experiment

Cube is one of the Google Chrome Experiment where you will play a game bouncing balls at various places in different levels. This interesting game is played by moving your mouse over the screen thereby, tilting the cube and making the ball to bowl. Google Maps has  officially created this game and filed under Chrome Experiments. An interesting and a challenging game though!

3. Car Visualizer Classics

Car Visualizer Chrome Experiment

This experiment lets you visualize classic car in various colors in 3D style. This experiment also lets you to view the customized car in a 360-degree perspective. This is not a game but a tool to visualize the car you customize with your own color and shape of the car from the given options.

4. Robot Nation

Robot Nation Cool Chrome Experiments

Make your own robot by customizing, head, legs, torso and more in a 3-Dimensional style. Rotate with your mouse or with a touch device if enabled. This experiment is developed by Cubify and you may check out other project by Cubify as well. While there is lot of flash apps available for girls to make up a barbie girl, why not we, boys would design a robot that runs on latest WebGL technology.

5. Cars Editor

WebGL Cars Editor

This is quite similar to the above mentioned Car Visualizer but with more tools to customize a car of yours. The future software industry might depend on such web applications where anyone on web could easily make use of such tools without downloading or installing. The cloud technology is developing but still, these apps would do well.

6. Face Substitution

Face Substitution WebGL Chrome Experiment

Face Substitution is a demo app in Chrome Experiment that lets you to change your face. It actually makes you replace your face with a different one. This could become a fun app when you socially share the image with friends. Face Substitution requires camera to grab your face.


There are a lot more chrome experiments available on the official Chrome Experiments website. Some of the interesting apps have been featured in this post. If you have discovered any other interesting chrome experiments, please feel free to share with us in comments.


  1. Zygote body
  2. Cube
  3. Car Visualizer Classics
  4. Robot Nation
  5. Car Editor
  6. Face Substitution