What version of Windows do you use? Windows 7 or Windows 8? Have you ever noticed that you once used Internet Explorer to download your other browsers? The Microsoft's only web browser, Windows Internet Explorer has lost its support for Google Apps like GMail. Not the latest versions have lost the support but Google has announced that they will be stopping their support on Windows Internet Explorer 9. However, the Internet Explorer 10+ will still support Google Apps. It is much important for Internet Explorer users to stay updated to latest version. I warn you, Keep your Internet Explorer updated.

Now-a-days, most of the companies have stopped services for older versions of Internet Explorer. This is quite normal but when we compare to other browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, this isn't normal. Older versions of Firefox and Chrome still supports the latest of all web application over the internet.

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A web designer or a developer have to concentrate more on browsers. They cannot predict what users use for browsing the site they develop. Thus they need to deliver the content neat and crispy with the design. If Internet Explorer moves a text block to corner of the screen, then it is not a good way to code. A web designer or developer receives a bad from the customer who is approaching.

Is Internet Explorer Fast?

Yes, it is. The latest Internet Explorer for Windows is much faster like any other browser. Just upgrade your browser and head to some website. Do you really feel snail-like speed for getting that particular site? Never. You should be noticing similar speeds like your Firefox or other browser. I meant to say, Internet Explorer is not damn slow.

Why Internet Explorer needs to be upgraded?

Do you know that some Windows Apps uses Internet Explorer to deliver you the content? For example, if you are using Windows 8/8.1 and if you have used Google official app, then you should be knowing about this. To run sites efficiently in your app, you just need an updated Internet Explorer.

Is there anyone who use Internet Explorer?

Yes, they do. Statistics says that most of the people from China uses Internet Explorer rather than any other web browser. While there are a lot of browsers like, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Torch Browser, Opera and more, Internet Explorer has its own features that attracts a lot of users.

We do receive lot of traffic from people who use Internet Explorer. The Google Analytics shows a stat for today regarding the number of people visited this site using the following browsers.

Keep your Internet Explorer updated

Google has not sent the notification for users using Internet Explorer 9 still but is soon expected to send. All Internet Explorer 9 or below is mandatory to update their browser to experience Full-Google.

Which browser you do use? Do you support Windows Internet Explorer? What is the major disadvantage you could see in this browser? Do you have any idea to switch from your Chrome or Firefox to Internet Explorer? Please do share your ideas with us in the comments below.