A heavy competition between the two smartphone manufacturers have been started long back. Earlier, Apple was the leading smartphone manufacturer in the mobile world but later, after when Samsung brought smartphones powered by Android, they topped the first. But now, a war between Samsung and Apple has been started. Some of the features that are in Samsung mobiles were infringed in iPhone 4 and some of the Apple features are infringed by Samsung galaxy S. The war stood in front of court's jurisdiction.

Samsung infringes Apple patents

Apple said that some of the features from Apple products are infringed in Samsung Galaxy S.

Firstly, the design of the  iPhone is infringed in Samsung Galaxy S.

Secondly, Apple is the one who introduced rounded square icons in the main menu. Samsung has infringed the same.

Thirdly, Apple introduced a feature in iPhone where a document can be enlarged with a single tap on the screen.

Fourthly, Apple can identify or find similarities between a single touch and multi-touch on the screen. Samsung too brought the same on their phone.

Finally, the Bounce-Back feature which was first introduced by Apple is also copied by Samsung on their phone. The Bounce-Back feature, we might have seen basically. When we scroll beyond the page or menu or document, it bounces back. This feature was brought by Apple for the first time and Samsung infringed it. This feature became a fun and good friendly interface of a smartphone.

In the court, Samsung too claimed some of the features that Apple infringed from Samsung.

Firstly, iPhone 4 contained a system that can manage the phone's resources and battery by ranking the data. Samsung said that this feature in iPhone was infringed from Samsung.

Secondly, iPhone was able to transmit data more efficiently like Samsung mobiles.

Thirdly, Apple brought a feature where a user can switch pictures efficiently in gallery and camera. Samsung claimed that Apple infringed this feature from Samsung.

Thirdly, the feature to email a picture just by a scroll was first inroduced by Samsung whereas Apple infringed in their iPhone 4.

Finally, the multi tasking feature when playing music. This was also told as an infringement that Apple copied from Samsung. Samsung was said to infringe all the home screen patent from iPhone. The back of the two Samsung mobile models contained the patents of iPhone. It seemed that Samsung galaxy Tab design didn't contain any infringed patents from iPhone as per the jury's judgement.

Conclusion: After 21 hours and 37 minutes, the jury gave a victory judgement to Apple. it was finalized that Apple didn't infringe any of the Samsung's patents. It was finally concluded that Samsung is the one who infringed 5 out of 7 patents from Apple. The damages to Apple is $1.05 billion (exactly $1,051,855,000). The judgement resulted that Apple don't have to pay a single penny to Samsung for damages as Apple won the big war of patents.

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