Google+ has just recently updated to a new layout that is purely designed with modern materialize design by Google. The new layout update has really made low-bandwidth users happy as the new layout is light and loads fast when compared to the previous layout. However, the new layout has made some users unhappy due to lack of certain features that a social networking site should have. The full size profile photo on Google+ will not be able to view on the new update. We have just came across a small tweak that lets you to view full size profile photo on Google+.

The all new Google+ layout loads a 120 x 120 pixels profile photo on each profile. This can be enlarged to any extent by tweaking the URL of the image.

The trick is simple and anyone can perform.

Go to someone's profile and copy the image address of the profile photo.

Full Size Profile Photo on Google+ New Layout Trick

Now paste on the address bar of the browser window, may be in a new tab.

You can just notice s120 in the URL. It means the size of the photo is 120 x 120 pixels.

Make it to s240 and you can view a 240 x 240 pixel of the profile photo. Double the number in the URL and you will still get large-sized image.

View Full Size Profile Photo on Google+

If you increase it to a very large size, and if the uploader has uploaded the photo that is less than the size you've mentioned in the URL, then the image gets pixellated.

So increase to some comfortable size and view full size profile photo on Google+.

Viewing a large-sized profile picture is one of the most important feature on social networking sites as most of the people want to crawl through several profiles and stalk on opposite gender profiles.

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Google may be trying to bring out privacy feature on profile photos on Google+ and then it may allow people to view full size profile photo on Google+.

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