In the competitive world of technology, it is always hard to choose a best restaurant to have dinner tonight. Each time we need to find a best restaurant to have dinner. Whenever it comes to Restaurant, we fire up Zomato to check reviews for a restaurant. Or, to book a movie, we open up BookMyShow or IMDb to check ratings and reviews. Till today, we are depending upon separate apps to find ratings and reviews for a particular thing. Utternik, a new social app that lets you to voice your opinion to apps, movies, news event, TV shows, hotels, electronics, books, actors and more.

Star Ratings Are Outdated

Too much of anything is always boring! Still how many years should we still see a five-star and fill the stars to add rating? Perhaps, a star-rating is a dumb way to know about a quality of an electronic device, or a restaurant. Utternik knows common keywords of satisfaction for each category so it can show you a pie-chart of reviews and you can find it helpful in choosing a product. Utternik Voice Your Opinion

Voice Your Opinion

Unlike other apps, Utternik does not let you spend so much time in reviewing a movie or an app or any category. The app provides a bunch of one word reviews where you can choose from and add value to it. You can also add same opinion multiple times so the value increases a lot, showing, for example, a movie is more interesting and to be overrated. However, the Utternik value is calculated by using the opinions of other people as well. Utternik also lets you to compare your opinion with your network of friends that you have added on Utternik. Utternik Voice Your Opinion Submit and Compare

Get Connected With Friends

When you get connected to your friends, you get their voices of their opinion that they add value to a movie, for example, so that you can watch that movie. This feature makes the app social instead of a complete reviewing app.

Add Your App or Business to Value it

If you have an app on App Store or Play Store, or a website, or even an offline business, you can list it on Utternik so that people can find your business and add value to it. This will help other customers to find your business as best, and will drive more customers in the future. You can also voice your opinion to your own business but remember that Utternik limits only once for a user to review it. Utternik Opinion Value (UOV) is a new way of marketing your business that can help finding customers just because, your UOV is higher than your competitor. More the UOV, more the customers, also you get a a great talk among investors for your business. Ask your friends' opinion too by sharing it on Facebook, Twitter and other social media which can help grow your UOV.

Know How Far a Business is Trending

Utternik not only shows the opinions of a business, but also shows graphs on how a business is trending on a particular day. Utternik helps you to check the trending stats for recent 7 days, or two week or 30 days. This will help you find businesses that are growing exponentially and how people are recommending it each day. Utternik Business Trends

Each Businesses Are Reviewed

Utternik does not allow public sign up of any businesses to be listed on their page. To maintain the quality and integrity of the app, a team at Utternik always reviews any new listings that a user submits, thereby preventing any duplicate additions or fake businesses that can affect a real business. However, the reviewing team at Utternik is doing a great and swift job in filtering out fake and real businesses they receive for review. Utternik is available on both Play Store and App Store.