The usage of smartphone has become more popular. However, a mobile is much essential for voice calling and texting, a smartphone provides a great feature for mobile phone for other useful purposes too. Now a days, a person using a smartphone can easily identify where he is using GPS technology. Not only geographical locations, there are large number of apps available on app stores for various purposes. For now, my friends circle prefer Android than a iPhone or iOS device. I asked them the reason for preferring Android. They told me that Android has lot of fun apps than iOS devices have and also much cheaper than iOS devices. It's a reasonable answer but still iPhone users feel much better and are satisfied with their device. You can now use your Smartphone as a Remote control for Television.

Use Smartphone as a Remote control

The technology is just like a Bluetooth where you search for a device and select it. Here too the same follows. Just imagine, when a kid or your friend wants to watch his favorite channel and he refuses to give the remote. At that time, when you change the program with your smartphone that he watch, he'll be shocked for sure. For normal mobiles like Nokia, this feature won't be available.

Media Remote:

Sony which is a kingmaker of entertainment and multimedia devices has now come forward to develop an application such that Sony Smart TV users can use their smartphone as a remote control for Television. The application for smartphone can work with Sony Blu-Ray devices and BRAVIA. You should search only for the first time and after that your smartphone will recognize your Television automatically.

Sony BRAVIA Media Remote

Philips MyRemote:

Not only Sony, also Philips offers this feature. The Philips Smart LED Television have an Android application which you can install it on your Android device to control your Smart Television. All the basic features that a smart TV's remote provide will also be available in your smartphone application.

Philips MyRemote

iMediaShare Lite:

This can be used to control any internet enabled Televisions or a WiFi network. Whatever the videos you watch on your Television, you can instantly share it on Facebook with your friends. A premium application of this app is also available, iMediaShare which includes more feature than iMediaShare Lite. iMediaShare Lite can support Samsung, LG, Sony BRAVIA, Philips Panasonic Viera and Toshiba Televisions. Gaming consoles like Microsoft XBox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3 can be controlled with this smartphone application. And, also it supprts Apple TV, DirecTV, Sony Blu-Ray, Philips Streamium, Yamaha and more. It can also be used to control your own Windows Media player on your PC.

Did you know? You can also use your smartphone as a Gun.

Download Links:

Media Remote is available for iOS 4.0+. Philips MyRemote is available for iOS 4.3+. iMediaShare Lite is available for iOS 4.1+.

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iPhone Image Courtesy: RaaZ