Google Translate has recently introduced a way to translate text in image. If you find any documents or any image with different or foreign language, you may just use this feature instantly. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is the technology used in the Android application which automatically recognizes a text from a picture automatically and translates for you with any language. Currently, the Android Application for translating text in image to text can translate text that are in language Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish. Google is currently working on other languages which you can make use of to translate a text in an image to your own mother tongue or any you know.

The Internet giant, Google really serves useful services to people for free. Yet, they are unique in every service they provide. I have seen only few services which failed in Google. That too, a very little. Most of the products that Google introduce go as a big hit. Service they provide will be more unique and won't contain any bugs.

Recommended: Use Gtalk in your own language (India) and ABBY FineReader to make changes in a text in image.

After the evolution of Android, the market of Apple's iOS and other iDevices have got reduced. This is not only because of the price of the mobiles in which Android can work, but also the stability, availability of applications in the store. Most of the application which are in Google Play Store are available free. Premium applications doesn't costs more.

As users of Android has populated over the globe, developers for Android has also become more in number. This can be the reason for plentiful applications available for Android at Google Play Store.

You can now download the application from Google Play Store and can translate text in images to your known languages.

Just imagine, you are travelling to China or Russia. All sign boards and the banners above the shops will be in Chinese or Russian Language. Just take a snap of the board or banner using the camera and use the Google Translate application to know the meaning.

Snap image in camera

Not only when you travel but also, while reading some foreign news papers. Usually people who reside at country border might receive nearby country's newspaper sometimes by change. You can just use this application to what's happening there.

The technology used in Google's Goggle which automatically identifies text, is also integrated in the Android Application.

Simple steps are involved in using the application involved. Just open the application, take a snap of the text or object where a foreign language is present using your phone's camera, tap and brush the text. Now you can translate the text to preferred language. You can also hear the translated text with text to speech tool integrated in the application. However, it identifies the text but you must select the language what the image or a scanned document contains.

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