You have bought this brand new computer and are basking in the glory of that but you are forgetting one thing and that is all the files are still there in your old PC. Now don”™t press the panic button! Though it is a tough job to handle but when EaseUS is there you don”™t need to be concerned about anything. EaseUS transfer files from PC to PC quickly and efficiently. You must not think twice before buying a new computer or before upgrading because EaseUS makes it a point to take care of all our need regarding computers. If you need to recover lost data then EaseUS will provide you the software to do that and that too from USB, hard disk and memory card. Once you have EaseUS, by your side, then there is no need to stress about any trouble.

Transfer Files From PC to PC

Trying to transfer manually

Manually you can try to transfer the files from your old computer to new one, but that will consume a bit of a time. You have to make use of any external sources like the CD, DVDs, Hard disk or USB. In order to transfer files using these external sources you have to make sure that the files you are transferring is not that large. Otherwise, you will waste your whole day copying the information then pasting them will also tale lot of time. Moreover, if the files are too large then you might face some error between the process and end up consuming much more time than expected. Another way of transferring files is through Google drive, but then also you have to remember to keep the size compact so that nothing goes wrong. Now it all depends on you whether you want to be a part of all this chaos or use free PC transfer software.

PC transfer software for free of cost

EaseUS Todo PC Trans free is a software that you can make use of when you upgrading your operating system from Windows XP to Window 7/8/8.1. The software will help you transfer applications, documents, pictures, music and many more items from one PC to another in a secured and reliable way. While carrying out this process you don”™t have to worry about either your old PC or your new PC because the process is safe and sound and no harm will be caused to any of the computer. It is easy to use therefore it is good news that you don”™t have to tech geek to take control of your new PC within few minutes with all information decked up in it. You can enjoy the free version and there is no need to activate the software on both the PC instead just activate it is in one of them while transferring your applications.

How to carry out the transfer of files

In order to transfer your files from one PC to another you have to download the software on both the computers and make sure that both of them are in sync with each other. Run the program on both the computers to verify that they are using same network and then start the process ”“

  • Now open the program and then select the destination PC carefully. You can either transfer the files from targeted PC to the current PC you have or vice versa
  • It is time for transferring files and for that you have to customize your data and for that you can select the edit button
  • Now when you are done with selection of data it is time for transferring the data from one destination to the other and for that you have to select start. This will migrate all your data automatically and will come up with transfer report.

One important thing that you must remember is that you must take proper backup before going for this process. It is always better to be extra careful so that no data is lost in the process.

Author bio: Benny is manager at EaseUS. As a worldwide renowned professional software developer, EaseUS always takes the lead in solving users data troubles with data backup, data recovery and storage management solutions.