Cloud services are specially used for accessing files from anywhere and anytime. If you didn't like your cloud service provider or in uncertain situations, you may have to move your files from one cloud service from another. Though Google Drive provides more cloud storage space than Dropbox, people love Dropbox as it is has a simple interface to use. Not only this reason but also, it conducts quests and gives other offers to extend the storage of the cloud space. I just went to buy a Sony smartphone recently. The phone provided me a offer that if I use an application for Dropbox available in the phone, I can get 25 GB of free cloud storage space for 3 years. his offer really attracted me.

An online medium, SMEStorage can be used to transfer your files from Google Drive to Dropbox. Rather, it is better to say that you can transfer files with more than 30 Cloud services. You may not only transfer files from Google Drive to Dropbox but also vice versa, that is from Dropbox to Google Drive. Like wise, you may transfer your files from or to Windows Live SkyDrive, iCloud, CloudMe, Amazon S3,  HP Cloud, OpenStack Swift Storage and more.

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Follow the simple steps to make your files to move from Google Drive to Dropbox or from any cloud service to any which is supported by SMEStorage.

Step #1: All you need before proceeding is, SMEStorage account. Go to SMEStorage and register an account for free.

Step #2: After registering confirm your account. After confirming, Log in to your SMEStorage account and click on Add Cloud Provider.

Step #3: Now, you will be landed on the page where you can add any cloud service provider. Click on Add new provider button and select Google Drive. After selecting Google Drive, you will be asked to authorize your Google Drive account with SMEStorage. In a similar way, do for Dropbox. In a free SMEStorage account, you can add three cloud providers.

Add new Provider SMEStorage

Step #4: After adding your cloud service provider. Synchronize your files with SMEStorage. The option will be shown to you immediately after adding your cloud service provider.

Step #5: Now, navigate to File Manager which will be available on the top of the site. Your Cloud Service will be shown in File Manager. All your files on the cloud provider you have added will be shown in File manager. Just Drag and Drop your files like I do below. I have added files in a folder to make my transfer easy. After dragging and dropping your files and folders to the other cloud, you are done with the transfer.

Drag and Drop Files

Step #6: When you have dragged and dropped all your files and folders to other cloud using SMEStorage, make sure that you log in to your Cloud provider, say Dropbox and check whether all your files and folders on Google Drive has been transferred to your Dropbox account.

When you see your files on Dropbox (in my case), you are done! So easy, Right? Happy Cloud computing. Share your thoughts here in comments. if you have any queries, drop comments below.