If you have reinstalled iTunes, then you will be in need of transferring all your favorite music from iPhone to iTunes. Most users think that it will be a long process and they will have to invest huge amount of time to get it done, but that is not the case anymore. There is software available to make things simpler for the users. Unlike Android, the platform of Apple is not that open source in nature and due to this reason it is hard to find third-party software that will deal with the iPhone issues.

Android's Google Play Store is filled with multiple apps and even the independent developers also come out with thousands of software and apps to deal with different problems of Android, but when it comes to iPhones, the options are much less. The software that is available is a trusted name and you won't have any problem in using it and also you won't have to worry about the safety of your device as well.

It is a known fact that you can purchase songs from iTunes, but here what needs special mention is that the songs that you have purchased from iTunes can easily be restored back, but the songs that you have acquired from elsewhere will be there in your iPhone only. All those songs that are stuck in your iPhone need some assistance to get back to the iTunes library.

You can Transfer music from iphone to itunes with the help of software. It will not only help you in syncing and transferring music, but it is good for transferring videos, voice memos and playlists as well. There is always a free version of software that is released for the trial purpose. The users try out the trial version first and if they are satisfied with the way the software is working, then they go for the advanced version.

Sync Music From iPhone to iTunes

Easy to use software

You will need to download the complete music library that you have on your iPhone to the computer and when you have that ready you can make use of the MobiKin Assistant for iOS to help you with the syncing and transferring of songs to iTunes successfully.

The software is not at all complicated; instead you will find it quite simple to navigate through the steps involved in the process. You will now have to connect your iPhone to the computer and then select the iTunes. Now go to the Music tab and there you will have to choose the Sync music option. It will sync properly and all your music and playlist will be transferred to iTunes successfully. Not just that the quality of the music will also not get damaged. Now with the help of MobiKin Assistant you will be able to enjoy all your favorite music any time you want and relax yourself.

If by any chance you have lost your iTunes library from the computer or Mac, then you can now have it back with the help of this software successfully.