Whenever we hear this word 'Outlook', we always come to a conclusion about Microsoft's Email client for Windows. Either, we may Ā think about Microsoft Office Outlook or Outlook Express. However, Windows versions that were released after Windows XP did not contain Outlook Express. Instead of Outlook Express, it contained Windows Live Mail which acted as an Email client for Windows. Outlook was not launched years before. Outlook is not even 6 months of old, still it has reached 60 million users. At the time of launch on July 31, 2012, it gained 1 million users in just 12 hours. This achievement was not even made by other successful email providers. There are also some reasons that made Outlook.com a popular one.

Reasons that made outlook.com a popular one

People who used Hotmail, Live seem to have moved to Outlook.com now. The new metro styled interface made the touch screen users to read, save and send emails with joy, just with pleasure from touch gestures. Not only the interface, but also other attracting features provided by Outlook makes the users to feel a different environment.

Send hundreds of photos and videos

Microsoft's new Outlook.com made people to send hundreds of photos, videos and much more memorable stuffs. It enabled the users to share lot of memorable stuffs with friends, colleagues and employers. People were able to share their photos instantly with lot of people. Unlike other Email service, Outlook.com acted as a great tool for many people who wants to share memories with people around the world.

New Metro Style interface

As outlook.com was developed at the time of development of Windows 8, Microsoft Outlook.com too got the same type of interface. This metro style made touch screen users to work with the site more comfortably with simple and easy gestures. Usually, a touch screen interface should be made in a way that it is more comfortable with fingers to touch so that it does not activate an another menu nearby. Outlook.com is designed in such a way that it is more accurate for touch screen users.

The all new Email compose page is much lucid than other popular email providers. Users can now freely compose a new email to people on a larger and comfortable interface. This interface welcomed lot of users from different other email services. All Windows 8 lovers must be in love with Outlook.com now.

Social Integration

There are many Email services which already provide user's social updates right from Email. Outlook.com has an intelligent way of displaying the social updates that are running on your Facebook, Twitter and many. It helps an user to keep up to date from friends without even having to log on to their social websites.

Windows 8 Support

Windows 8 have now become popular and experts say that Windows 8 is much better than previous versions of Windows. Also, crashing of system is reduced a lot in Windows 8 as compared to previous version of Windows. Meanwhile, any Windows 8 device can be synced using an outlook.com ID.

Safe and Secure

As number of hackers and crackers have been increased now, most f the email service providers have increased a secure way of encrypting passwords and also they take care of users from malicious and unsafe links that might harm their account. Outlook.com has provided lot of security features that might help an user to keep his or her account safe. Phishing and other links contained in an Email are automatically detected by Outlook.com and notifies the user whether the link can harm or not.

So, are you one among the 60 million Outlook users? Share your experiences below and also tell us what feature do you like on Outlook.com.