Google Chrome has now been declared as a No. 1 Web browser. After the release of Internet Explorer 9, the number of users topped for Internet Explorer than Google Chrome. Surveys say that recent graph tells about great change in usage of Internet Explorer. Most of the Internet users on the globe has switched to Google Chrome due to attractive features and ease of usage. The browser doesn't looks so crowded with toolbar and options. Google Chrome brought many features before other browsers had brought. Let me discuss about it.

#1 Search right from Address bar

This is the most interesting feature that Google Chrome brought to the people. Shows suggestions from Google or any other search engine we set as default. It also allows searching a specific site from address bar if any search is carried out earlier in that particular website. Start typing the site name, it will show you the site and choose them, press Tab to search search from the Address bar.There is no need to go to that website again, searching for a search box and search stuffs.

#2 Apps and Games

Offline games and Apps for Google Chrome really made the users more attracting. I was actually attracted towards Angry Birds when Google Chrome introduced it in Apps. People can play it in Offline mode. That's the specialty. A browser turned into a Gaming station. A separate App Store for a browser has been introduced by Google Chrome, however, Mozilla had a wide range of Plug ins and themes for their browser. Google Chrome's App Store which is known as Chrome Web Store is available for downloading wide rage of Extensions. To run Javascripts, no more Extensions like GreaseMonkey is required. Google Chrome introduced an extension called GreaseMetal which was exclusively used for running those scripts. after developing newer versions, they integrated the GreaseMetal into the browser. Now it doesn't require any extension for running those scripts.

#3 Separate Incognito window

Unlike other browsers, it contained a separate incognito window. Other top browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer allowed opening Private browsing only when the main browsing is closed. But Google Chrome allowed the users to browse with both incognito and main window simultaneously. This allowed the user to log in their two Google or Facebook or any other accounts simultaneously. A volatile browsing environment which makes the browsing history to get erased when it is closed.

#4 Light weight Browser

Google Chrome was the first browser which took only less memory space in the Physical Memory. It allotted a separate space for every tabs and services. Made the software stable. It managed the memory fairly.

#5 Fastest Browser ever

Google Chrome made the web faster and secure. Surveys conducted after few months of the release of Google Chrome says that it brings 2.5 times faster a web page to user's computer than other browsers.

If you like any other unique feature on Google Chrome, you may share with us in comments.