PDF files have gained popularity for the last few years. Whether you are applying somewhere or you are sending your resume, the one common thing is the PDF files. The application forms are also in PDF formats and so is the digital brochures of any company. Everywhere you will find the application of PDF files because they are protected and comes in a compact size.

PDF Conversion Tools

You will also not suffer from data loss when you are using this format. Moreover, it can be accessed on multiple devices quite easily. There are several tools available online for PDF conversion, but not all are worth giving a try. In most cases, when you are looking for bulk conversion, then the file quality turns out to be quite a lackluster one.

Now looking at the quality of the free software, if you think that the paid ones will work well, then you might end up wasting hundreds over the software. So, take some time and figure out what you are looking for and try out these 5 PDF conversion tools ”“

  1. Docs.Zone PDF to Word converter ”“ This tool is available online and it is quite easy to use as well. The interface is clean and in order to make use of this online tool, you just need to signup first. The signup option is available in the right hand top corner. Once you do that, you can click on the ”˜Select Files”™ option and there you can add the PDF file that you are trying to convert into Word. The procedure involved in this is pretty self explanatory, so you can go with the flow of the software. This is definitely one of the simplest and best tools available for PDF conversion.
  2. Icecream PDF converter ”“ This software will allow you to convert various file formats, including HTML, JPG and EPUB to PDF files. The opposite action can also be performed with the help of the Icecream PDF converter. If the content of the files is sensitive, then you can keep it password protected as well and the software will help you in accessing it.
  3. Foxit PDF Creator ”“ The PDF creator from Foxit will help you with the conversion of the different file formats into PDF files. But, this software has a price tag attached to it, so if you want to use it, then you will have to pay that amount and make use of all the nice features that are stuffed into this software.
  4. Hello PDF ”“ This one is a free tool that you can make use of, to convert the PDF files into Word. It is the simplest of all the tools and it surely is the fastest as well. You will have to select the PDF file that you want to convert and then click on the Convert button and you are done.
  5. PDF Mate ”“ This is a comprehensive software, which converts the PDF files into different formats. This one is free software and you can download it anytime and start using it.