Recently, iPhone Apps have got popular among people around the world. The users of iPhone 4S has got increased tremendously around the world. Some of the iPhone Applications on the iTunes Store has hit the market recently. The arrival of new applications made the iPhone users to download or buy the app eagerly. I have listed about 5 applications that are now trending in the markets. Some of the Applications are only available in United States.

#1 Instagram

Instagram has got popular recently. More than 15 million users use Instagram on iPhone. A free Image Editing and Sharing tool from Burbn, Inc. It is compatible with iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4S. Photo Sharing has become fast and more instant. After you you capture the image with your silky iPhone Camera, edit the picture by changing the color tone, add borders and share it on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Tumblr, Flickr and Posterous. You may upload unlimited photos. Follow your Instagram friends and receive regular updates from them about their uploaded photos. It features Linear and Tilt Shift blur effects for extra depth fields. App is available in 9 different languages and a freeware to download. It is available also for iPod Touch and iPad but requires iOS 3.1.2 or later. You may view a picture that was edited and uploaded using Instagram below. #2 Facebook Camera

](/tech/top-5-iphone-apps-getting-popular-recently/attachment/iphone_camera_popular_apps_cryptlife)Facebook Camera is supposed to be an Instagram Rival. Facebook has recently bought the App from Apple, Inc. for $1 billion. The main target of Facebook is to provide a power tool for photo sharing to mobile users. The App is commonly named as Camera. Capture your memories in your iPhone Camera and upload multiple images at once on Facebook. Tag our Friends, Add a caption and specify where the photo was taken. The App behaves as an Editor too. you may crop, rotate or apply filters to the picture. Tagging has now become easier than ever with iPhone. Just tap the faces to tag your friends. Receive updates from your friends about their new photo uploads. You may download this in iTunes Store or using a Facebook link. [

#3 Facebook Pages Manager

A special tool for managing Facebook Pages. It is used to receive all Facebook Page notifications. When you log in using your Facebook credentials, it will show up all the pages you admin. You may check insights for your page and post updates regularly ob your page.  The main aim of the launch of this App is, Page Administrators can make their page more active by posting updates regularly wherever they are. ](/tech/top-5-iphone-apps-getting-popular-recently/attachment/facebook_pages_manager_cryptlife)[

#4 SmartSync - Facebook Sync

SmartSync syncs the contacts between your phone and Facebook contacts. Keeps a regular update with their pictures, contact numbers and email IDs. Whenever, your Facebook Friend calls you or, in the times you call them, it displays the Contact Picture. Syncs Birthdays, Status, Address, Website, Job title and company. A reminder will also be setup for your friend's birthday thereby, you won't be forgetting your friend's birthday.

#5 Viddy

iPhone Application that lets you capture, edit and share videos. A Similar Application of Instagram but here you may edit videos. Apply all the effects with what you can do for photos using Instagram. Do the same here in videos. Make your momories unforgettable. Share with your friends, families, colleagues and followers. You may also tag your friends while sharing on Social medias like Facebook, twitter, YouTube and Tumblr. Settings like Focus, Exposure, white balance, audio metering and more available for the camera.

If you have come across any Applications that had got popular recently, you may share your thoughts here, below in comments.

Image Credits: Raaz Photography


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