Recently, the social media has gone viral with the Snapchat CEO's statement of an ex-employee claiming that India as a "poor country". In the real scenario, India is a way better than other developed countries and still claiming to be one of the developing countries in the world. The reason for India being the developing country have different reasons. One big drawback of India that makes the country not to become one of the developed nation is population. People in India are not middle class, or rich or poor alone. India has every extreme. Richest Billionaires live in India, and also people who starve for basic amenities such as food and shelter also do exist. Few things need to be learned by Indians, before making a move. After Snapchat issue in India, the following things were learned. Snapchat Issue in India - Snapchat CEO

1. Indians are patriotic

When the allegation was spread on social media, most of the Indians believed about the news and started to defame Snapchat. Indians feel that their country isn't poor and more patriotic when some foreigner says something against the country. India is often known for "Unity in diversity". Unlike other countries, India is a place where people speak different languages and follow a different religion and still proved that they could stay united. When a country with traditions and sentiments are the sensitive assets and receives such a statement, people become more patriotic than usual.

2. Reliability

Indians do trust media. When media projected news that was against a country with traditions, cultures and sentiments, people of India blindly believed the media and started to spread the news of Snapchat CEO's statement. Snapchat CEO did not say the statement, but an ex-employee was claiming to have told by the Snapchat CEO. The CEO might or might not have uttered such a statement. Everyone in social media did not have potential to think and act. We believe media, still knowing the truth that media is corrupted. We need to understand and analyse the reliability of the message we get. After the allegations had been made, when media asked Snap Inc. about this issue, Snapchat CEO claimed that he did not say India as a "poor country" anytime. Also, he added that Snapchat is free and available all over the world to use.

3. Confusion

Some Indians got confused with Snapchat and Snapdeal. Snapdeal is an Indian company but, as people were confused about the issue, most of them started to defame the app on App Store and Play Store. Also, you might wonder that Snapseed, a photo editing app by Google, which is no way related to Snap Inc. also got 1-star reviews by confusing it with Snapchat. However, Snapseed was not much affected like Snapdeal as Snapseed was not popular as Snapdeal. Snapchat on Apple's App Store has got 1-star after many Indians gave a 1-star rating to the app. It is also reportedly said that Snapdeal's ratings were reduced due to this issue.

4. We Forgot Other Problems

We have severe problems going on in the country that needs to care than the Snapchat CEO claiming that India as a poor country. How many know that the farmers at New Delhi, India are protesting for getting a solution for a cause? Also, there are many people without food, shelter and clothing. India has richest and also the poorest. A CEO from a foreign country could not publicly say that India is poor, but we have different problems. We are unique than anyone else. Also, to note the other news, anonymous Indian hackers claimed that they have 1.7 billion user data that was leaked during a breach happened before 2 years. However, Snap Inc. claims that the company did not experience any breach two years ago and ensures that the user data are safe.