Facebook wants to make people experience Messenger separately, and the company has added unique features to the product that makes the chatting experience better. Facebook claims that Messenger has got 900 million users worldwide and sooner to reach 1 billion users. Facebook not only concentrates on users' chatting experience but also adds up unique features that makeĀ people more social online. Learn unique things about Facebook Messenger in this post.

Unique Things About Facebook Messenger

Here is a list of stuff that you can do with Facebook Messenger. Most of the things listed here are often popular, but if you do not know, you can start using them anytime.

1. Play Basketball on Facebook Messenger

By setting the emoji to Basketball, you can start playing Basketball on Facebook Messenger. Send the Basketball emoji to friend and tap on it to start playing. It works on a group chat too and hence you can start playing with many of your buddies. As a bonus, we do have a hack that lets you score high in the basketball game on Facebook Messenger.

2. Set Nicknames and Change Conversation Colors

Messenger allows you to change the annoying Blue color chat bubble to any color you like. Set a color that your crush loves for the conversation of your crush. Also, Messenger lets you set nicknames for your friend. You can set a nickname for yourselves and your friend. Once set, the nickname of yours will be shown to them only on Messenger and not anywhere else on Facebook. Thus, you can have funny names for your friend, and your friend can have for you too.

3. Apps for Messenger

Things About Facebook Messenger Apps

Facebook allows third-party apps to send medias and data to be sent via Messenger. Recently there have been several GIFs and customized videos that have been wandering throughout the Messenger via the third-party apps. Learn more about apps for Messenger.

4. Chat Bots

Chat Bots for Facebook Messenger

A new feature that Facebook introduced at their Facebook F8 2016 is chat bots for Messenger. Now if you do have a page and a Facebook application, you can develop chat bot for Messenger that automatically responds to messages sent by humans. The chat bots also work on the Facebook desktop site too.

5. Hidden Inbox on Messenger

Facebook filters messages from people you may not know. However, you can access them under People in Settings page in Messenger. Tapping on Message Requests will show all requests from people who want to message you. Select See filtered messages to reveal all messages that Facebook has filtered from getting into your inbox.

6. QR Code to Add as Messenger Contact

Messenger Code

Messenger lets you scan QR code of your friend's mobile generated on his/her messenger to add them quickly. So no more spelling errors while sharing your Facebook username. On adding to your messenger, you will somehow get that contact to be added on your Facebook, as you can start seeing them on "People you may know" section. Facebook call it as "Messenger Code."

If you have found any other unique trick that you use with Facebook Messenger, you can feel free to comment below.