While I was researching some popular apps in mobile phones, I came to hear from my fried that iPhone can be used to control a PC or Mac. I was just surprised when I heard that. He challenged me, that he could control my PC from his mobile. I took that challenge and I gave my Teamviewer ID and Password to him. Suddenly, a pop out of my Teamviewer Application, that I had some incoming connections to my PC. That was him! Being a CrypLife blogger, had a thirst to show you all about this. I requested him to take some screen shots while he controlled my PC.

Apple, for now, it had increased its market's profit after the arrival of iPhone 4S. Siri, which was a newly arrived application attracted many customers on the market. Siri, which answered to human voice queries automatically made the users not only to fulfill their needs but also to have some fun with phone. People even started to flirt with Siri which in turn created relevant answers to the user. Teamviewer was developed in iPhone 3G but I don't know how many are aware of it. But I came to know about a Teamviewer application on mobile phones just, recently.

iPhone 4S which was arrived at higher hardware and software specifications made all the applications to run smoother. Constant update of Teamviewer software and upgrade of the iPhone hardware from 3G to 4S made the software to run faster on iPhone 4S. It was running at a speed of 1 GHx in a Dual Core A5 processor with iOS 5 running on it. A 1 GB RAM which is inbuilt makes the phone to run more faster than previous versions of iPhone.

Teamviewer has made it possible to control a Computer from a mobile phone, that is with your iOS. Teamviewer is also available for your iPod Touch, iPad and your revolutionary mobile, iPhone. Teamviewer is mostly used to fix something in your computer by someone from far distance who can't reach your home to fix it. I have seen some kids who use it to help their friends to finish a complicated game. Programmers, instead of sending snippets to learners, they teach by having Teamviewer on in the learners computer and they'll teach each part of the snippet and shows them the working function.

Here are some of the screenshot which I got from my friend when he controlled my computer. The Screen where you can enter your ID and password of a computer. Teamviewer also allows you to share files to and fro. Has a option to see recent devices connected and other options like screen quality, voice and sounds. Apple is best known for its best display quality and it can show you a clear disply of your partner's computer screen. Whomever you be, a programmer, a teacher or a computer fixer, you can now do the jobs using iOS.

After you get authenticated, you will be able to do all the functions that you used to do with your computer version of Teamviewer. Zoom in or Zoom out the screen, a keyboard tool for typing and a mouse tool for moving the cursor around the screen. Fix any computer using your phone. Teach something new to learners using your phone. Wherever you are, it doesn't require a place a laptop or net books for your work.

Access your partner's Desktop with all type of shortcuts available in your phone. Provides all controls what a virtual keyboard does, including esc, ctrl, alt and win keys.

Did you liked this improvement? Anyone here, decided to buy a new iPhone? It's quite worthy. Share your thoughts in comments and if you come across any cool apps for any type of devices, you may share it with us.

Screen Shot Courtesy: Raaz. He has bought a new iPhone 4S recently. A guy with large interest in Photography is excited of the applications on his iPhone 4S.