Android is really becoming popular among people over the world. Statistically, Android users are more when compared to other mobile users like iOS, Symbian etc. We recently posted about the Symbian fall. Controlling a computer through a mobile seems to be amazing. TeamViewer like app for Android can now control any PC. A normal Android user can have access to his own or friend's computer by just swiping through his mobile screen. TeamViewer is said to found for Android but I thought to write about a different application which is alike TeamViewer.

Usually we use to control a computer in the case of troubleshooting a computer. If you are a computer technician, you will find more easier in fixing a computer if you use this application on your Android smartphone. Popular application which is used to control a computer with your own computer is TeamViewer. If you want an alternative app of TeamViewer, then you may go here.

TeamViewer like App to control PC from Android

The application uses Microsoft RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) for controlling a PC with Android smartphone. The application can connect to any Windows powered computers which is located anywhere on the web. Other than QWERTY keyboard, it also supports many types of keyboards.

Like TeamViewer on PC, you can also copy/paste text from partner's computer to your Android smartphone or from your Android to your partner's computer. The app supports multi touch so that you can easily move around the Windows desktop. Windows 8 has now become a great operating system who use touch feature. If you don't have a Windows 8, just connect a friend's PC who runs Windows 8 on your Android.

Remote Desktop Client for Android from Xtralogic works like charm when you connect your Android to a Windows 8 computer.

Sometimes, you need to check for new messages or you have to attend a call on your Android smartphone. At that time, this application will stay quiet and it does not disconnect when you do multi tasking. The cost of this application is around $15 which is more worthier if you want to access a computer remotely at many times.

Also, this is not a latest application to use like hot but contains latest updates and bug fixes. This application is available since years but I posted this as most of the people asked a TeamViewer like application for Android. As compared to other remote Desktop Client, I felt that this application works great.

If you want to suggest a best Remote Desktop Client, you may comment below. Also, share your thoughts about this application.