Facebook updates it's social site day by day. It works harder and smarter to bring lot of users to Facebook and also to maintain the traffic they get on Facebook. Now, you can target audience on Facebook by age, gender, education, language and more. The post you do on your Facebook page can be made to target people with certain criteria. Earlier, you may just target a specific country but now, with much more options you may make your page posts to reach the people. This update has not been made on all Facebook pages. Only for certain pages. It's expected that this update will reach other pages soon. Facebook is rolling out the update batch by batch.

Target audience on Facebook

TargetedĀ audience is much essential when you do a Facebook post because, that may be useful for the people you target. For example, when you post any picture on your page about a particular country, then you may choose those countries and share your picture. That's simple. Your picture will reach among the fans who are in those countries.

Facebook has also given the options to target audience by following criteria:

  1. Gender
  2. Relationship status
  3. Educational status
  4. Interested In
  5. Age
  6. Location
  7. Language

These are the seven wonders for you to grow your page. Make your page posts to reach maximum by promoting your post and also, when you promote your page with a criteria to target audience, the people with same interest will see that. People are more likely to get attracted towards that post and they'll share on their timeline or groups. By this way, your page post gets maximum reach and you can attain the targeted audience.

This feature will be more useful for business pages. If a company wants to target customers from a certain region or location, then it can make use of it. Also, entertainment and funny Facebook pages sometimes want to target their posts to a specific people who have set their relationship status as "single" or people who are interested in "women".

This feature will not only be a good stuff for page owners but also to a normal Facebook user or a fan. A fan of that particular page can receive posts in his/ here news feed based on his interest. this might attract the fan and a fan may share your post. If that fan is a celebrity or a popular person, then the page will reach most of the people and can get more likes.

For example, look the picture below. This is how you can make your post to target audience on Facebook. In the below picture, I have targeted people by age in the rage of 18 to 22 (Shown in red box). The 'Targeted to' which is shown in a green box will show the count of people with 18 to 22 years aged people on your Page. So, if you didn't use this feature, you the 'Targeted to' will show you the count of total number of "likes" on our page.

Target audience on Facebook by age

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