Microsoft Word is the easiest and a popular word processor to be used by Windows users around the world. Whatever Open Source brings to the world, Microsoft being a closed source, always keeps trust on people and in turn people have trust on Microsoft. A word processor is used everywhere from a basic super market to high level laboratories, it becomes an important tool for not only to prepare messages and documents and also a great tool for preparing a format with a clean grammar and spelling.

The feature of WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) has really made the users to increase in number. The easiest tool I've ever seen to insert multimedia objects like pictures, text, symbols, word arts etc. in a document. The Font Style, Font Size and other formatting options that are available for characters has been a great tool that acts as a user friendly interface. Anyone with average knowledge in English can prepare a high quality documents in the Microsoft Word because of its feature that can check for Spelling and Grammatical errors.

When we are working on multiple documents, sometimes we experience freezing of computer due to processor load. This is because when you open multiple documents, the Microsoft Word fetches huge quota on Physical Memory and makes all the open processes to dump on memory. This can make your PC to freeze for sometime till a set of process completes. But when you style your documents like your browser tabs, you can reduce the memory space that takes in Physical memory. You too can easily switch to multiple tabs that are opened which look like a Browser's Tab. You Taskbar will be free and you don't need to group all opened documents in you taskbar which makes us to confuse sometimes while switching over the multiple documents.

Office Tab is available in three different Editions which provides its own features. A paid one will provide features better than a free edition. It is also available for other Microsoft Office Products like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access, Project and Visio. The Software will be compatible in Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 and 2010. Saving of documents has become easy. A Single click, a Save All option from the context menu will save all the opened documents at once. This feature will be helpful when you are forced to close all programs in your computer.

Additional options for styling the tabs and defining keyboard shortcuts for new tab and other options. This can also make your office experience easier than ever. You may download this software either for free or a paid one. Check the download link of this software below.

You may also hide/unhide the tab space. Share your comments here. You may download this software using this link: