The recent Google Chrome update has integrated its search homepage on new tab page. Google has made the users to search for something very quickly than they do before but the appearance of the new tab page has become dull after this update. Some users feel comfortable as they could instantly search for stuffs in Google right from their start up page of Google Chrome. This update has also really slowed down the start up of the browser. Every time when the browser starts with a new tab, the Google homepage appears with the recent sites shown below. Learn how to switch back to old new tab page on Chrome.

The two disadvantages faced by Google Chrome users with the new tab page is that, the speed and the appearance. The appearance is not much important when the browser performs well. We know that the Chrome is the king in delivering web pages at greater speed and quality.

Whenever the Chrome opens up, it checks for the Google logo whether it should be changed. When Google homepage contains a doodle, then Chrome browser's new tab page will contact the Google homepage for the logo. The new tab page will have the default Google logo if it fails to get the new doodle or if Google doesn't have a new doodle.

People using slower internet connections face problems while opening new tab page on Google Chrome. Here is how, you can switch back to old new tab page on Chrome.

Step #1: In the omnibox of Google Chrome, type in chrome://flags

Step #2: FindĀ Enable Instant Extended API and disable it.Switch to old new tab page on chrome

Step #3: Click on Relaunch Now button for Google Chrome to take effects.

With these 3 simple steps, you can revert to old new tab page from new slow new tab page on Google Chrome.

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