A human being does not have a powerful memory power. We sometimes lose objects that we have kept somewhere. It's really a hard thing to find for the object that you have lost. Sometimes, you may even cancel your search. But, if you have lost a valuable or important things like keys, what will be your reaction? Initially, you will become panic then you will start to search for the particular object for hours. Doesn't it look weird? What if a technology can ease this effort? A Bluetooth Sticker can help you to find any objects which you have lost. The inventor of Bluetooth Sticker, Jon Mitts is an expert in making small Bluetooth devices. One of his creative invention is, Bluetooth Sticker. Bluetooth Sticker You can stick the Bluetooth Sticker on any device which you lose often. Stick or attach the sticker to them and whenever you lose them, just find them using your phone. With your phone, you will be searching for the Bluetooth Sticker. Your phone identifies it as a Bluetooth device and shows how far your object is.

Once you have found that the object is near, then you may just tap on some function on your phone application to buzz. The Bluetooth Sticker attached on the object will make a sound with its LED on. Thus you can find the object easily even if your surrounding is dark. Bluetooth Sticker may also be used to track your child. Just stick the Bluetooth sticker on your child's shoes or pack bag. When your child goes away from your vicinity, your phone will alarm you that your child has gone out of range. Yes, if any object which you are monitoring lively has gone out of range, then your phone will notify you with sound so that you can move from that place to find the object.

For example, you are at park with your child. You have asked your child to play around your vicinity but unfortunately if your child goes beyond your reach, then you might have worry about it. If you have a Bluetooth Sticker, then you don't have to worry about your child's activities. your phone will notify you when your child goes beyond the reach.

An application for Bluetooth Sticker have been developed for two most popular smartphones, Android and iOS. This can notify about your missing object easily.

Bluetooth Sticker is more advantageous. The device is not yet on the market but expecting to come soon. The Bluetooth Sticker is named as Stick N Find. The product can be pre ordered and you may also support them.

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