User Interface is an important part to be covered during development of a software. In the case of Mobile phones, there becomes a greater competition between different mobile phone software developments. SPB Shell Software has now come forward to introduce a different kind of application in mobile technology. We might have heard about 3D interface in a normal personal computers or laptops but 3D interface in a mobile phone really becomes a milestone for mobile world.

SPB Shell 3D contains plenty of widgets for your Symbian mobile. It is said to be the next generation user interface on Symbian based devices. The software runs smoothly on Symbian ^3, Symbian anna, Symbian belle devices.

Everyone likes Scrolling effect in touch phones, right? What if there is a scrolling feature in your 3D interface? I am sure, you'll like them. When you select a widget menu from bottom of your screen, it flashes at the center of your screen in a 3D style. Looks awesome, right? And, even your message conversations looks in a 3D style. Not only widgets and message conversations, and also your calender, world time, reminders, phone contacts and much more feature in your phone changes to 3D. ](/tech/spb-shell-3d-for-symbian-features-and-reviews/attachment/anniversary)[We have some screenshots given below where you can see how the software changes your phone's interface. By installing this software, none of your feature will be degraded or removed. All your feature works fine in a 3D styled interface.

Magic Animation is one of the best quality in this software. You will be having five home screens on your mobile. By installing SPB Shell 3D, all your home screen gets rounded by like a circled team work logo. When you scroll it, it just gets rotated on its own axis. Not really an axis. But looks like such rotation.

When you wipe your screen gently to see the next screen, it gets rotated and continues to move with the speed you wiped. You can show all your home screens to your friends or colleagues without touching your mobile always. Not only your home screen, if your mobile phone contains more pages of menu, then a 3D style of rotating your screen should be performed. Idle animation for widgets and panels are enabled. Mobile companies are growing much faster than a computer industry. This software is said to be working fine on Nokia N8 too. People find awesome to all features after few hours of usage. You can download this software from official site

Watch a demo on this software below: [youtube W_bKq9jl3OE] What do you think about this new interface to mobile technology?

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