The biggest and disastrous attack is now seen on the Internet. This attack has considerably slowed down the overall internet speed for the users around the globe. Spamhaus, a DNS company which points a human readable URL to an IP address of the web server is recently under attack. These attacks have been suspected to be done by the people of Cyberbunker. Spamhaus aims at protecting the internet users against spams. Thus they used to filter out all the spam emails. They protect internet users from spam senders and spam services. They work with law enforcement to track online spammers.

Spamhaus under attack by Cyberbunkers

This news have been spreading among the people worldwide now. Spamhaus once banned the Cyberbunker, a popular web hosting service. As per the Cyberbunker, they may allow people to host anything on their web servers except the pornography and terrorism based websites. Spamhaus suspected that this goal might make more spammers to host on Cyberbunker. Thus, Spamhaus blocked Cyberbunker in their list.

Spamhaus, by blocking such companies have made large number of enemies worldwide. Cyberbunker, joining with European and  Russian criminals have attacked Spamhaus which has made the largest impact ever. This Distributed Denial Of Service (DDoS) attack have been said to be the largest attack in the history of the internet.

The attack is a lot more than an usual attack. It is said to have attacked at 300 Gbps (Gigabits per second). This attack cannot be minimized unless they find the person behind the attack. The DNS servers cannot be shut down to minimize the effect though because, they have to be open and public always on the web.

According to this information, they have said that internet is slowed down due to this attack but some sources says that this information which is now viral on the internet is fake. Gizmodo, a popular tech blog says that this news is fake according to their recent article published on their blog.

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