Facebook is a world famous social network and it was using by more than million of users around the world. Though there are many good things in Facebook, it is also equipped with some dirty stuffs. In this 21st century, children are very eager to use the latest technologies so they start using Facebook before they get maturity and some goes in wrong path because Facebook is a big social network and it consists of users from all over the world this may let the children to view some dirty contents and they may diverted in wrong path. Children below age 16 are on Facebook and using the world class social networking site more actively. Parents too are not aware of such sites who don't use a computer a lot. Internet gives all the informations about what we are searching for, parents only have to filter the results and give it to the children.

There is always a little fear with parents that their child may be diverted into wrong path due to Facebook. If you are one of the parent having such fear then your perspective is correct and you do care for your child a lot. Young bloods cannot be diverted easily from what they are doing but if we provide something better then we can divert them. Most of the children below 12 years old uses social networks to play games.

Giving some alternative social networks which is specially for kids will not contain any adult items or similar stuffs. This article will give you some best social networks specially for kids. Some of the best social networking sites for kids are discussed here.


Gungroo is a best social network specially for kids and they may get many valuable things in it. Gungroo is full of many apps. Mostly it contains many games which makes the kids not get in into other social networks. It is with several categories like Games, Art, Learn, Videos, Contests, Facebook Apps, iPhone apps.

Gungroo Social Networking sites for Kids

Gungroo is also with age limits like Age 0 to 4 / 5 to 7/ 8 to 11 / Above 12. The games and other apps will be shown as by selecting the age and this will attracts the kids and kids also get interest. Because when they get games or apps by their age they will get more interest in it. If someone interested on chatting, Gungroo provides the options to message someone who is in their family group. This will avoid the kids to keep away from the unknown strangers. In Facebook there is chance for chatting with strangers and this may let them to wrong path. Gungroo is specially for kids, let them know about it and make them to use it and avoid them from other unsafe social networks.


Kidzworld Social Networking sites for kids

Kidzworld is enough for a child to move a day effectively. It is not only equipped with games but also with some effective stuffs like advices which provides information about health, style, career etc., and there is also contests and quizzes which makes the child to think about something and also learn something new. If you found these contents will be useful for your child just create an account for your child in Kidzworld and make the child to learn something.


dPals for Kids

Another most exciting social network for kids is dPals which is with the categories like activities, chat, safety, creation station, Team and more. Generally all the social networks for kids will be full of games only but dPals is somewhat a little different from other social networks for kids working fully to enhance kids performance in skills. Every kids have different interest, dPals provides the app according to their interest. The site comprise of many apps to attract your kids.


Kids Social Network

Similar to other social networks for kids, kids social network is also with some games, apps, something to learn. Social network is mean to connect the people. kids social network is also with chat facility to contact others and there is tab of parents also to explain what is kids social network and what it is consists of.  Kids social network contains a library tab where many number of useful contents are given for kids. Let your kids to try this.

Choose a best social network for your kids and make them to learn something newly. Facebook and Google plus are not only the social networks and they are not for kids. So let them know about the place for them and keep them grow without any distracts.

Know about an interesting social networking site for kids? Share with us below.