Are you developing a micro or mini-application that needs a back-end to store data? For the back-end, one might go for BaaS services but what if you just need to store few kilobytes of data and you need to access them frequently? Using a giant BaaS such as Firebase or Hasura does not seem to be a good idea if you want to store only a few kilobytes. Recently, I was developing an application where I need to set up a quick back-end to store and access data but that data will always be under 100 KB. I got an idea to use Pastebin's API (Pastebin - a popular platform to create and read text files) to read and update data but Pastebin was not satisfying me as I need some services to store JSON format of data. Then I came across JSONBin which I found as the only trustable resource to have my data. JSONBin allowed me to store up to 200 KB of data per bin. set up a quick back-end The setup guide to using the API  in my application was simple than I expected. The documentation was clear and it did not take more than 5 minutes to set up JSONBin API on my application. There are several features of JSONBin, one of them that impressed me much is that their version maintenance of the JSON data that we update.

Data Versioning

Each time you update data using API, JSONBin creates a new version and at any time, you can access any previous version of the data.And moreover, there are no limits in reading the data or in the number of times that we can update the data.

Private Records

You can create private bins (they call your unit of data as "bins") and make not to be available to the public. You can only access these private bins if you provide a secret key to your header while calling from an API. You will get a secret key once you sign in with JSONBin.


Without the use of API, you can also add JSON data using their dashboard and it is capable of listing all versions that you often update.

No Need to Setup Back-end

Take your precious time to set up the look and feel of your application and if you have an idea of the structure of data for the application that you build, JSONBin becomes handy and few calls will make your application running healthy.

Validate & Beautify JSON

You can validate and tidy your JSON data with the tools they provide. This becomes handy and you do not have to search for a beautifier on the web often to read your JSON data.

Excellent Support

You can contact them via contact form available on their website or tweet @jsonbin about the queries. The support agents are the creators of JSONBin and will help you fix your issue instantly. I was facing an issue with my app that was having an issue regarding my data on JSONBin. I had a great experience in getting support from their end. The issue was fixed without any hassle. Go to What is your thought on JSONBin? Share your thoughts in the comments below.