The limitations for SMS was the most weird thing who send SMS in bulk. TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) which announced 100 SMS per day limit for an individual living in India later changed its limitations to 200 SMS per day. But after many complaints and petitions, TRAI has said that it will let any individual to send unlimited SMS per day. This must be a good news for people who send SMS in bulk and heavy text senders. Most of the marketing people who do their work via SMS Marketing was not able to manage with a sing SIM card. Some of the network providers return the call cost or message balance information right after when they have sent but for some of the networks it needs to be checked with special balance codes. When there is no limit in sending SMS, we don't have to worry about the balance amount.

It is reported that limiting SMS is also a way for restricting the freedom of speech and telecommunication. The rule has not been implemented still but will be soon implemented. SMS senders are asked to wait for the final decision of the statement.

Send Unlimited SMS per day : TRAI Announces - Meme picture funny

TRAI limited the SMS limit to 100 SMS per day on September 27, 2011 and later it raised to 200 SMS per day which also didn't fulfill most of the users. Now, TRAI announced that an individual can send more than 200 SMS per day and it sounds that it havd given a way to send unlimited SMS per day by an individual.

The main aim of TRAI who limited SMS per day is to control Unsolicited Commercial Communications (UCC). But no country has levied act like this for controlling UCC.

The SMS limit made the people to show off anger towards the government. It raised the internet users and most of the people who own Pages and Twitter accounts released images and showed their anger to the government. TRAI, now concluded a law to break the limitation that is levied now. It plans to give every individual, unlimited number of SMS per day.

Most of the Message packs of different network providers has been changed after the TRAI announcement for 200 SMS per day. Soon after TRAI finalizes its statement to send unlimited number of SMS, cellular network providers will update their Message booster packages.

This order is completely based on Delhi High Court and the order is said to cancel the order levied by TRAI to send 200 SMS per day. By doing this, people are completely free to communicate via SMS. No more excuses or any limits for sending SMS.

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Update 1: Government has finalized. Now, you can send unlimited SMS and MMS per day - Read more.