Recent news says that there is a serious security breach on Apple's iCloud which make an Apple user to backup his files on web. A hacker managed to get into an iCloud account and was able to wipe out all data on iPad, iPhone and Macbook. Mat honan, a writer at and a former senior reporter at Gizmodo. A hacker was able to identify a security breach on iCloud and was able to damage iPhone, iPad, Macbook and Google account. Though we trust Apple for the brand and features in it, we must really look on the things like security behind in it.

iCloud Hacked Security breach

The hacker was actually able to log in into Mat's iCloud account. Using that, it sounds that his iPad, iPhone and Macbook was totally wiped off. He was no longer able to access data on these devices. He noticed that his iPhone was turned off and displayed a setup screen. He assumed that it was a failure because of an automatic backup to iCloud daily at a specific time. When he tried to connect it to his Macbook, he got a message that his GMail account log in credentials are wrong. The, after a while, the screen went grey, asking a four digit PIN number but unfortunately, Mat did not know the four digit PIN number.

Mat actually guessed that his iCloud account must have been hacked using Brute Force method. The method used to hack iCloud was not like that. It was said that the hacker didn't use any Brute Force method or guessing the password. The hacker got access to iCloud account though the Apple Tech Support and used some clever techniques to skip security questions.

The complain was reported to Apple at once when Mat found that the problem is more serious. As a result of the hack, his Google account was deleted by the hacker and his Twitter account was compromised. After contacting the Apple support, Twitter and Google accounts help, it was said that Mat's iPad, iPhone, Twitter and Google account was restored back to normal.

Mat's Macbook Air is still with Apple and it's trying hard to restore all files, folders and all other data on his Macbook Air. A recent update tells that the wipe was stopped and now they are trying to restore all data. Hopefully, Mat and Apple expects a good result on recovering the Macbook Air.

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