Google Chrome Web Store has a numerous collection of extensions to make the browsing easier. It has been said that Google Chrome is eating a lot of memory and power, but still we want the most powerful browser to make all tasks for us. Google Chrome comes with Google Docs and other necessary extensions as default that are essential. However, there are other necessary extensions that we want on the go while browsing the web. What if you want to scan QR code while browsing on desktop?

QR code has become a common way of proposing links and apps to people as it is easier way make people to hit links. Medias such as News papers have already started to provide QR code so that people find much easier to navigate links than by typing every letter of the URL.

The easiest thing you can do is, pull out your phone, fire up the QR code scanner and shoot the code and the rest is done by the app. However, while browsing on desktop, you may or may not have your smartphone near you. If in case, you see a QR code, you need to search for your smartphone to get the code scan, or download and upload the QR image to third-party scanner website in order to decode the QR code.

Why to strain when a chrome extension can help you with this? Whenever you see a QR code on a website, right click on the QR image and decode it! Simple as that!

Scan QR Code while Browsing

Wondering about the chrome extension? Here is the link below.

QuickMark QR Code Extension

Larger screens are better and that's why you chose desktop to browse. Why do search for your smartphone whenever you see a QR code while desktop browsing? Make your browsing smarter and easier than ever.

We found this extension might save you some time decoding the QR extension. Do you think that any other extension or ways can make this task easier? Please let us know in comments.