Now-a-days, a lot of websites are breached and a lot of those breaches go unreported or unnoticed. A breach may not look as a big issue when it is found on a small website which is not enough popular. However, if a site which has a high reputation contains a security hole, it's a big issue for both the company and the users of that particular website. In some cases, in order to maintain the reputation some of the big websites don't actually reveal how much data have been breached. The amount of data breached will be undisclosed though the hacker himself claims that he got access to all the users private information. Every internet user should personally know how to protect yourself from cybercrime.

It is a good practise followed by several websites to have a bounty program for appreciating the security researcher. In this way, most of the security breaches are being fixed. However, this also have certain defects over the users' privacy. What if the data is stolen and then its reported as a security bug? Though certain websites like Facebook discourage testing the vulnerabilities on real users, other big sites still don't have any approach to fix such issues.

In order to protect your data, there are several tips with which you can keep your personal information on a website safe though any cracker steals your data. The below infographic shows a detailed report of previous year where several websites have been hacked and some of them were disclosed about the users affected whereas some didn't.

Protect yourself from cybercrime

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Cybercrime is on the rise all over the world. Protecting yourself from increasingly more sophisticated cybercriminals is becoming more difficult. Cybercriminals can get to you on your computer, tablet, cell phone, or via your credit cards and debit cards. If you”™re interested in helping to fight cybercrime you might benefit from learning more about our online criminal justice degree.

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