Usually a smallest device or commodity should be handled with care against theft or loss. Mobile, being a useful commodity for communication should always be handled with care and the data stored in it should always be secure. In case, if it is stolen or loss,  a precaution must be setup in the device to protect data. Onward Mobility Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has developed an application for mobile security against theft or stolen. A must app to be installed on Symbian mobiles.

MobiCop survives in your phone as a hidden application which will be accessible only by dialing a key sequence. MobiCop allows the owner of the mobile to easily block the phone from the thief by locking the phone. you have to setup options like Siren file, which is the alert sound to be heard by the thief when the Attack mode is activated. The phone numbers for receiving alert notification should be setup. This can be your another mobile number or your friend's number so that when the Attack mode is activated, they will be receiving a SMS regarding this information. Multiple Features:

  • Alert Sound when you activate the _Attack Mode. T_he Attack mode is that when your mobile is stolen, you have to send an SMS with required format which is given below in this article. This mode will make the phone to recognize that it is stolen.
  • Hide all your personal folders when the Attack mode is On.
  • Get Phone book remotely from your stolen mobile.
  • Delete all files and folders remotely.

When your phone is back with you, you may also deactivate the Attack mode.

Key Shortcuts for performing all activities in MobiCop is listed below:

#66# space attack or 1 space - Activates Attack mode #66# space restore or 2 space - Deactivates Attack mode and shows all the files which were hidden during Attack mode. #66# space get or 3 space - Receive Phone book remotely. This will send vCard of all contacts to the mobile number from which the attack mode is activated. #66# space delete or 4 space - Will delete all personal data like Contacts, Images, Videos, Messages and Audio.

WHITELIST register the SIM card number in the phone. This will be helpful in case when the  thief changes the SIM card.

MobiCop is supported on all Symbian ^3 mobiles. Required space for installation is 1 MB.

MobiCop is not available for free but can be purchased. The cost of the MobiCop is 14.99 USD.

Keep your mobile safe and secure. Do not even worry about your personal files and contacts even if your mobile is stolen. Share your comments here.