Gaming has evolved over the years to incorporate smaller devices such as phones, tablets and iPods among other devices. The reason for gaming on these devices is that it is more convenient. These devices are more portable and provide you with games on the go. However, there is a downside to gaming on these devices. They make you vulnerable to hackers who will then be able to steal your information. This could be anything: from passwords and personal information instrumental in identity theft to credit card and bank information. This article will provide you a clear walkthrough on all common ways that an attacker attempts to steal your information. Also, learn how to protect from hacking while you are more addicted to Android games. Protect From Hacking How are these hackers able to do this? There are different ways that hackers have devised to get access to your information. These include but are not limited to:


This cunning method is used by some to breach your security. A hacker sends you an email with instructions on how to log in or validate your account. Once you click on the link and fill in your information, they immediately have access. They can use this information to log in and find more information that you could have left lying around in any one of these personal accounts because you knew no one would be able to access it. Once you receive such emails, it is prudent to ignore such emails and delete them from your system. This is the safest way to handle such scammers.

Fake Apps Resembling Those You Want

Some hackers have gone as far as to include scare-ware in their tactics. The whole point is to create a site or an app that looks almost identical to the legitimate one. These hackers then ask you to download the app after which the hacker is able to access all of your data. The core of this method is to gain access to your information. The reason that most people fall for this is because scammers create sites that look like the original. For example, this could be a parody Gmail or social media account. It often looks so real that some people cannot tell the fake apart from the original. These hackers could also include links that direct you to the fake site they created which still has the same effect.

Installing Malware

Some hackers have discovered that security weaknesses lie in making someone believe that they are improving the function of their device in one way or another. Instead of looking for a backdoor entrance to gain access to your information, they instead opt to come through the front door. What happens is that you click on software or an application update that is not genuine. The hacker is then able to install malware on your phone. You end up losing your personal information. This is dangerous because it could lead to identity theft among other things.

Inventory theft

Other smart hackers pose an unnoticeable threat. While you are gaming on your phone, the other player might not even be interested in the game. For hackers, they participate in games only to distract you long enough so that they can steal your information. While you are busy making your move, they are busy looking for ways to compromise your security and access your information. The key to this is to be alert.


Thankfully, it is not all doom and gloom for gamers because of the problems that gaming poses. There are solutions to this including:

  • Installing Antivirus on your devices: This helps to protect your android device from any hack. The virus often detects an anomaly in the system and alerts you. If it is malware, it will warn you of the same. This is only effective if you pick an antivirus such as Avast or Kaspersky which are strong and reliable.
  • Latest software update: Always ensure that your device has the latest software update from the brand. If it is an android phone, for example, ensure that it is update to the newest Android software. These systems often come with a more advanced way of protection.
  • Passwords: Saving the simplest for last, it is important to keep your passwords secret. You also need to ensure that your passwords are strong and diverse. Picking one password for all your sites and games is dangerous. Picking passwords that are also obvious is another no-no.


Gamers have become more prone to security risks on their Android devices. This is a growing concern as sensitive information could be accessed easily just because you were playing a game. The effects of having your bank account cleaned out or your identity stolen are not rosy. You therefore need to be vigilant in your operations. Nowadays, hackers only need one small loophole in the game and they can wreck all the havoc that they want. Follow these simple solutions to better protect yourself when gaming on an Android device. Author Bio Ephantus Muhia is a contributor for The Monitor Monitor, where you can find reviews and guides for the best monitor and display setups.