Facebook is becoming more fun for youngsters these days. Sharing is always considered as caring in every aspects. People share photos, status, videos and more. If friends become close, they might poke themselves for fun. Poking on Facebook doesn't injure anyone physically or mentally. It's really fun when we consider someone to be poked by just hitting on the Poke button. I guess Facebook wants to make pokes even more fun than ever. Facebook has recently released its iPhone App which makes people to Poke Friends with a message, photo or video.

Poke Friends with Custom Message

It is said that the poke message will last for maximum of 10 seconds to the person whom you poke. You can also send photos or videos when you poke. When you receive any pokes from your friends, you may just long tap the screen to receive the poke. Ā Poking back becomes ever more fun than ever.

Facebook Poke allows the user to set a time until when his friend should see the poke message. Just imagine that your friend scolds you just for fun. He might poke you with some message setting to appear around 5 seconds. When you look at it, you may want to scold him back. just poke him back with another message of your own. Have more fun.

The messages that are transferred through the Facebook Poke App is encrypted by Facebook. Those encryption keys are supposed to be deleted soon after sometime of the person who has read. Facebook Poke App is now available for iPhone and iPod Touch. The Application can be installed on your device for free. Facebook Poke App comes with eight different languages.

It will be nice when it comes to the desktop version of Facebook. At present, iPhone users feel more fun on using these Apps. Facebook is doing some changes frequently these days. Most of their changes are really great, useful and makes people to share information more privately on Facebook.

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