Apple's September special event was great and we saw the launch of new iPhone, iPad, WatchOS and much more. It is good to see new features on the Apple's popular product, iPhone. The most-talked feature about the new iPhone 6S is 3D touch and camera. Though these two features are expected before the launch, here we would talk something about storage and memory.

First, Apple did not upgrade its memory on the new iPhone 6S. iOS can run a lot better on this memory. Unlike Android, Apple has developed a smooth operating system that utilises less memory. Apps on App Store are usually checked thoroughly by Apple before it gets live.

Second, Apple has released three different storage variants for iPhone 6S - 16/64/128 GB versions.

We should also remember that iPhones do not support external storage and also it cannot be used with OTG. Apple has a secure architecture that it event doesn't contain file manager. Every app on iOS has its individual place to contain its data. Data on one app cannot be shared by another app unless they have permission.

I'm a iPhone 6 Plus 16 GB user where I get around 11 GB of space usable for my apps and documents. This is however, sufficient for my usage, will not be sufficient when it comes to iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus.

Not Buy iPhone 6S 16 GB

Here is why you should not buy iPhone 6S 16 GB:

Live Photos Takes Additional Space

As per the new iSight camera of iPhone 6S, it is supposed to take Live Photos. This feature is really cool. Apple says that the photographer don't have to do anything for taking a live photo, the device takes care of all.

While capturing a photo, iPhone 6S will also capture snaps past and post time of you tap on capture button.

Ultimately, this takes additional storage than a normal photo take.

Beware of 4K Videos

From HD to 4K: While the iPhone 6S can take 4K videos, you should really be concerned about the free space you have on your iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is said to take about 350 MB for a minute 4K uncompressed video. Wish, Apple will have an intelligent way of managing the storage.

I wish Apple has provided a feature to switch between HD and 4K so that you can capture 4K video only if it is required.

Big Selfie

Although this is not a big thing to consider about, it is a big thing than usual. Apple has upgraded its camera's mega pixel from 1.2 Mp to 5 MP.

This obviously will enlarge the file size.

Apps on App Store are usually Big

Apps available on App Store are usually made for all Apple devices and moreover, the icons, pictures and other graphical elements on the app are usually of high quality to fit in a Retina display of your iPhone. Hence, on comparing to other mobile platforms, apps on App Store are larger in size.

Do you think Apple should provide some other alternatives to storage? Buying 64 GB or a 128 GB variant can be a better option if you are about to buy a new iPhone 6S.