Facebook has brought so many changes to personal life and social life. The freedom of communication has been improved after the popularity of the social network, Facebook. Though new features on Facebook are more to experience, there are some stuffs to be added or improved on Facebook to make the Facebook life more powerful and fully open. Improvements, I would like to share is, it may make the Facebook experience to get easier to handle it with. Some of the complaints is still heard around Facebook about some of the features to be rectified or corrected.

I would like to share some features which will make Facebook more easier and open.

#1 Instant Facebook Status: This is one of the thing I need to consider the most because most of the times we get an idea for a Facebook status is only by seeing some other stuffs on Facebook. If the Facebook header contain a facility to write status, it would be awesome. Facebook has recently made its header to stay freeze while scrolling the page. It is more helpful to check notifications, friend request, messages and search for something more instantly but if any tool to update status is included on header, updating status will be more instant than ever. Adding something becomes clumsy to the header so, Facebook can make some techniques to display update status icon only if the user scrolls the page.

#2 Filter Option on Groups and Pages: Already, there is a search button on Groups for finding a thread on Facebook group. That works well and becomes more important tool for the users on the group. If there is a Filter option, it will be more helpful to users. Both, Group and Page may have this option. Filtering posts by Time and date or by users will make a good work on Groups and Pages. If I consider Pages, as far now, we may filter posts by selecting month and year on Timeline but a feature to filter posts by setting a particular date should work well on Facebook.

#3 Timeline Improvement: I heard, a new timeline will be rolled out soon for all Facebook users but I am not sure on this buzz. Most of the people who have now switched to Timeline don't like the interface as it make their journey on Facebook to be slow. When they scroll their own or their friend's timeline, people complain that it take more time to load further. After the Timeline update, Facebook users felt their favorite social networking site, Facebook to be little bit slower than ever. The below picture shows the new timeline look which is going to be rolled out but it's not sure that it will get live.

New Facebook Timeline again

#4 Badges for a Profile or Page: Badges will make any Facebook user to stay on a social networking site forever because he/she will actively participate to get those badges. Badges, I mean is, when a user comments more, Facebook may provide a badge as "Top Commentator" so that it would appear on his/her timeline. I agree, Facebook already provide "Top Commentator" badge but only appears when he/she comments on any website or blog. Integrating a badge on his/her own timeline will make him/her more proud of that. Not really, but can share it with friends more happily. Not only this kind of badge, also when a Facebook user wins in a Game or when his/her page contains more likes. Facebook can award him/her with badges.

#5 Improvement of Chat: Facebook, being a best and most popular social networking site in the world has a low quality chat feature. Facebook has now improved the chat feature but still need to. I can see blinking of Chat box when anyone messages me since few days. May be, because of the "Seen" feature which actually informs the opposite user whether the message has been seen or not. I think, when we click on the text box to stop the blinking of the text box, it may tell the other user or your friend that you have seen the message. That had really made most of the users more febrile.

#6 Smileys: Facebook must handle its own social network both in terms of improved features and the speed of the site. Till now, Facebook did not made any changes to smileys which gets displayed in the posts or comments. They are displayed as plain text till now. Most of the users look graphical viewing. Though a text based smiley gives a smiley effect, Facebook may try to replace them with smiley. When they do, they must also consider not messing it up with post which actually want to have a colon and a close bracket. Do you like the smiley on Facebook? Really? Well, Facebook's smileys doesn't look more graphical or doesn't provide a high definition smiley. I really like Facebook smiley as they look more cute and when they appear on my chat box, I always tend to do like the smiley. This, keeping on one hand, they also must improve the quality of Facebook's smiley.

#7 News Feed update: I could see Facebook updating the news feed on my homepage after certain period of time interval but this sometime becomes a disturbance because when I am reading a feed of my friend and when Facebook updates the feed automatically, I really feel like getting in a forest without my parents who cares for me. To continue reading the post, I need to scroll the page down further to see that update. This really make me annoy.

#8 Video Suggestions: Facebook must improve its video feature still. I would like to have some features to be added on Facebook video. When a person or page uploads a video. When his/her friend views that video, that friend must have a collection of video that can be watched after viewing the current video. The collection of the video should be from the same friend or page who has uploaded that video. This, not only gets likes and comments to other videos but also making the previous videos to go viral even though it has got old.

#9 Improved Ticker Feature: The most annoying feature is, the ticker. May be, for some users, it may look nice. Ticker is more helpful as it gives up to date news about friends or pages you like. As Ticker gets auto updated, it makes the browser to slow down. If I analyze the task manager in Google Chrome, Facebook takes lots of memory. This makes the other sites on Chrome which runs on other tabs to get slow drastically. Not in terms of data usage, but the stability of the browser, making the browser to freeze often.

#10 Photo viewer: Facebook introduced this feature to make a photo to look nice and also not making the other notification to go away. This means, when you click on any picture, you see that particular picture in a theater view and when you close it, you will be back to the page you were in. I saw few people hating the photo viewer but the buzz about that has now shrink. I hope, Photo viewer doesn't need much improvement for now as it looks best than the previous one which Facebook has. But it must add one more thing to the Photo viewer. A collection of photos can be displayed in the footer of the Photo viewer that when a user views a photo, it can list out a filmstrip of photos from that album and if he likes other picture in the same album, he/she may click on it and view in large size. This also makes the older picture to get appeared on News feed again.

#11 Categorizing Posts: Categorizing posts means, arranging your posts in an appropriate categories. This feature can be given for Pages which always posts about any topic. People can subscribe to any of the categories they want and can stay subscribed to that particular page. People will find more easier if they receive filtered updates like this. For example, a page can categorize its post on Technology, Cooking, Offbeat, Entertainment or more. The administrator who writes post on Facebook page can categorize their post so that people who have subscribed to that particular category will view that post in News feed.

#12 Manual Mobile Notifications Switching: Most of the people want their mobile and Facebook account to be connected. This feature looks stupid but helps in some cases. For example, you have updated a status on Facebook and running out for an important work. When your friends comment on your status, you will get notified on your mobile more instantly. Sometimes, your status will turn out more interested for your friends. Sometimes, the situation turns like, your friends starts chatting themselves without you on your status. All the comments you receive on your status will also effect on your mobile SMS. This will be an annoying one when you are working on an important task. Facebook must give an option to make the notification to get stopped or muted temporarily for that particular status. Imagine if you want to do an important task on Mobile internet. When you get SMS notification, your Internet gets interrupted or it may not get signal in a proper way. This will also affect your download if that particular server where you download from doesn't offer you to resume the download.

#13 Photo Editing: I see most of the youngsters on Facebook flirting their friends. Flirting also depends on profile picture you have on Facebook. Most of the girls won't show up their face on Facebook. Instead, they set any celebrity or beautiful dolls as their profile picture. If Facebook brings a feature to edit pictures, then most of the people will have their ugly picture to appear more beautiful. Easy to start relationship with Facebook and also easy to break it! However, Photo editing can be an important thing that can be integrated on Facebook for making their profile pictures enhance more easily. Most of the people now use online photo editing websites and photo shop to edit their cover pictures and profile pictures.

#14 Dislike button: The most awaited feature by Facebook users is the 'Dislike' button. When they don't like a post or if any post is against certain group of people or if the post contains a subject about illegal one, then a Facebook user want a dislike button than a Like button. When a post gets too many reports about illegal or mischievous content and if people report it to Facebook, it may consider the report at least by seeing the dislike it has got.

#15 Landing Page for Pages: After rolling out of timeline feature on Facebook, it has forgotten or missed out the landing page feature for pages. When Facebook provided wall to pages, admins may have an application page where a Fan or non Fan gets landed automatically when they visit the page. Now, after this timeline update, administrators could not able to set landing page. Administrators really want this feature to be integrated on Timeline based Pages too.

#16 Switching Page (From and To): Facebook, recently introduced Voice feature on Facebook pages so that administrators could easily switch to profiles for posting and commenting. Some of the administrators, I inquired said that instead of switching like that, a widget near the comment box or post box can be placed so that the admin may switch to page or to profile easily. This must not load the page again.

#17 Like Suggestions: Facebook may fetch pages to like based on his/her interest. Similar to 'Find Friends' feature, it can also have an option to discover pages based on their interest. By inputting the interest what a user like, Facebook may fetch some pages for him or her based on his/her interest. This not only make a person to update the knowledge but also to aim big by learning more. If a person is interested in entertainment and related goodies, he/she will be pleasure apart from his/her busy work. I see people who do more work on their job takes rest on Facebook by seeing some funny stuffs.

#18 Chat status display: I am not mentioning here the text version of status. I meant the status which tells the user's availability on chat. Facebook which showed idle status has now removed the feature. I hope, they must bring feature to stay available, busy or away mode, just like a messenger does.

#19 Dragging File to chat window: When you want to send a file to your friend on Facebook, you need to open full conversation, then select a file, then hit Enter to send. What if, Facebook allows you to send file instantly like just when you drag a file into your friend's chat window, it sends automatically? Sounds cool, Right? This enables a way to send files more instantly. Private photo sharing goes only in chat. Just drag and place it in the chat window to send a photo or any file.

#20 Email Notifications: Who needs huge Email from Facebook when we are able to see notification on Facebook directly. When any of your friend adds you in any active group, we may get subscribed to that group's Email address too. Then, when anyone posts in that group, we get notifications via Email. This is an annoyed service but useful. People won't like such feature if they receive Email in bulk. Whenever, they add to a group, a user should change the Email notification settings.

#21 Import Photos from third party sites: Facebook can integrate a feature to import photos from third party photo sharing sites like Flickr to upload photos because people use more social networks and they can't find every friend everywhere. To make a picture more popular or pictures which create awareness among people can be share everywhere. Though some Facebook applications created by developers pave way for this, an importer from other social networking sites can also be introduced to Facebook officially.

#22 Enhancing More Security: Hackers will always try different combination of passwords to enter into a Facebook account. I am sorry. The person who does this work illegally can be called as Cracker and not as Hacker. Hacker is a person who identifies security hole on any site, software, platform or any technology based things. Crackers create a bad name for Hackers. Facebook provides a feature which can be used to recover an account by referring 3 trusted friends or by identifying around 5 photos. A person who becomes close relationship with a person can trap these details from him/her to compromise his/her account. Security is an important factor to be improved. Recovery can be made by other secure methods and not by this way. Some find this feature to be bad. Always take care while choosing a security question and answer that your security question and answer cannot be changed when once set.

#23 Pokes and more: The button 'Poke' which physically means, 'push'. We actually have fun on Facebook by poking friends. I saw a funny page posting about this. the picture was actually created by themselves. I don't remember the page name and saw that long back. They want option like stab, slap, bang, punch and more. This is a funny option but sometimes, it is also used to make that person alert.

#24 Course for Programming: To all computer geeks, this must work with you well. If Facebook arrange any tutorial section to teach programming, most of the geeks who are interested in programming will get benefited. Facebook helps in developing application on Facebook, but what for beginners? Facebook can have any tie up program with any other sites which teaches programming or if it wishes, it can also stand on its own foot to teach programming. Well, not for all. At least for developing Facebook applications.

#25 Slideshow for Pages: If a page is based on a celebrity or a popular person, Facebook may provide a feature to display a slideshow option on its timeline. This will attract more users. Verified celebrity pages can upload their recent pictures or their creations or any other related videos to show on slideshow.

Share your comments and thoughts in comments. How and What type of updates you would like to see on Facebook in future. The above listed may or may not come in future but they are just an imagination or a wish if it adds up on Facebook, it will be more awesome. If you want to suggest feature to be added on Facebook still more, not in the list, you may feel free to comment below.