We have been using Facebook for years. Like alcohol addiction, we are now addicted to Facebook. It's a great fun in sharing and learning stuffs in Internet. That too, among the friend's circle. We all know that a photo is most prone to get likes because, a normal person is much attracted by the graphical view than reading a Facebook status. Now, it is possible to post more than one image in a single Facebook post. But, please remember that the image you are posting will neither be shown as a whole nor shown in theatrical view on click.

A simple code is used to post more than one image in single Facebook post. After posting, your image will be resized to fit into its place. The images will be appearing as a thumbnail. On clicking the image, the user will be driven to the URL you specify. This trick might be useful when you are going to share all your social site profile links in a single post. Instead of sharing the links alone on a status, if you link your social URLs with corresponding images, then it attracts more people.

more than one image

To post more than one image in a single Facebook post, you need to use the API method on Facebook. Follow the below instructions.

Step #1: Any application activity needs a Facebook user's permission before making any decisions by the application. This feature ensures the security and privacy of a Facebook user. So, you need to authorize the application in order to get an access token. Access Token is an encrypted data which contains information regarding the things that an application can get. To match access token with real life example, then I can relate it to an airplane ticket. Your ticket contains the information regarding where you must be seated in the plane and in which class you are permitted to sit inside the flight.

To get an access token, click here.

UPDATE: This method has been deprecated. Thus, we have removed the above link. Link: https://www.facebook.com/dialog/permissions.request?app_id=104018109673165&next=http://www.facebook.com/&response_type=token

Step #2: The below is the main code which should be used to post more than one images on Facebook.

https://api.facebook.com/method/stream.publish? message=MESSAGE_HERE &attachment={ 'name':'POST_NAME', 'href':'POST_NAME_LINK', "media":[{ "type":"image", "src":"IMAGE_1", "href":"LINK_1_HERE"}, {"type":"image", "src":"IMAGE_2", "href":"LINK_2_HERE"},{ "type":"image", "src":"IMAGE_3", "href":"LINK_3_HERE"},{ "type":"image", "src":"IMAGE_4", "href":"LINK_4_HERE"} ]} &access_token=ACCESS_TOKEN_HERE

Step #3: Copy the above code in a text editor like Notepad so that you can make changes easily. After copying them in a text editor, you need to replace few things with your own customized texts. Replace MESSAGE_HERE with any custom message which should appear in the post while posting. This is just a normal black text and not a blue text or a linked text. Replace POST_NAME with the title of your post. This appears in blue color with in the post. The text can be linked with any URL you desire. Just replace POST_NAME_LINK with a desired link. That link will act as an anchor for the POST_NAME text. Replace IMAGE_1 with the direct link of the image and LINK_1_HERE with the URL with which the corresponding image should be linked. Same step follows for the IMAGE_2, IMAGE_3 and IMAGE_4.

Step #4: Once when you have replaced, your code is ready. But still, you have something to be inserted in the code. That is, access token. Replace ACCESS_TOKEN_HERE with the access token which you got from Step #1.

If you are facing any problems in this trick, you may comment here so that we can help you. Also, don't forget to share this post.