Bloggers do mistakes while writing a post but those mistakes can be minimized by following certain methods. Mistakes on a blog post doesn't look fair and professional. Those mistakes would really create some bad illusion about the author while a reader reads your blog post. Every content on your blog should be productive and every blogger would wish that every article posted by him/her should receive a decent traffic. To make your blog attractive and professional, your site's layout and design alone doesn't speaks but also the way you write. Remember that you get subscribers just because they want to read your blog and not just for the sake of the design. Learn ways to minimize typo errors on blog posts.

Minimize Typo Errors on Blog post

Imagine that you are reading some article on Mashable or FirstPost or NDTV news or any other top blogs and if you find some mistake, what will be your thought? You may think bad about the site why they have recruited such a person as author, right? And, also you question, "Why? Don't they proofread the article again after typing?", Right?

Visitors who are pouring from search engines think that you may help them fulfilling their needs. Initially, they just scan your article to check whether they have got the right page they want. When it is helpful, they start to read your article from the beginning to learn the complete stuff what you have shared. They image you as a silly guy when your writing contains spelling errors or grammatical errors.

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Therefore, it is always recommended to check the post before making it live on your blog. Below are few tips that can help you to minimize mistakes while blogging.

#1 Use Microsoft Word

Use a best Office package like Microsoft Office Word that contain features to detect and rectify spelling errors and grammatical errors automatically. By using Microsoft Word, you can also avoid typographical errors which you face often. The powerful Auto Correct option in Microsoft Word will really make you stand professional without any errors while you publish the article on your blog.

#2 Read Twice or Thrice

I have seen some newbie bloggers who publish their post instantly after writing. They just aim to make more traffic and number of posts on their blog. Always remember that making more number of posts daily will never make you a successful blogger unless your content is good.

I just read a blog post today morning about marketing. I don't want to mention the blog name which I read but I really have to appreciate the author for the great write up but his article contained spelling errors and grammatical error at couple of places. It made me think bad about the author for his laziness. If he had read and checked his article twice after typing, he might have minimized errors.

#3 Do not always believe on "red underline"

When you write contents, you may look for the "red underline" which will notify you regarding the spelling errors. Sometimes, remember that your mistake might also resemble another word which is valid in the dictionary. Your blog writer window does not know how to form a good English sentence. They help you in checking the spelling mistake but not the sentence formation. Microsoft Word sometimes help you!

Consider a situation that you are typing something at greater speed as thoughts come out fluently from your mind. At such speed, sometimes we may miss pressing a key or might press the wrong key. In that case sometimes, the wrong word tallies correctly with the dictionary and you won't get notified by a red underline.

For example, imagine that you are typing at a great speed and at a place, you need to type "form" but you have mistakenly typed "for". You have missed the key "m" while typing. Also, what if you have typed "from" instead of "form"? In certain cases, the entire meaning of the paragraph gets changed when a single word is misspelled.

#4 Mutual Check with Friends

This is one of the powerful methods to check mistakes on your blog posts. Sometimes we become lazy enough to read the post which we have written. So, let us make others to read and let them rectify us.

Ask your fellow blogger or your close friend (preferably a blogger) to read your blog. Let him list down mistakes available on you blog post. Never ever feel bad about that as he/she is your friend. He/She might laugh at the mistake which you have made but remember that he/she is your friend and he/she won't tell anyone.

Also, land on your friend's blog and find some mistakes. List all mistakes to him/her and ask to rectify as soon as possible. By this way, you can rectify mistakes on your blog and also make yourself equipped with knowledge.

I am recently using this technique to minimize mistakes on my blog. Sometimes, this process goes much interesting. When I find some mistakes on my friend's blog, he rectifies them instantly and before that he'll reply me, "Oh god! Again a mistake? Ah! Fine. Correcting it. And, let me find bugs on your posts. I'm now a cop! You're dead!". We really feel happy about correcting mistakes. He's a good friend to blog with me.

#5 Get a good keyboard

If you are leaving mistakes while you are typing, then it's probably because of your keyboard and not you. Try using a good keyboard that suits your fingers well. Let the gap between the keys be there so that you can type easily. Buy a keyboard in which keys are neither extremely soft nor extremely hard. Before buying a keyboard always try typing something with your new keyboard. When you are comfortable with your fingers while typing, you can buy that keyboard or else ask for another model or brand.

Do you have any other means to minimize typo mistakes on blog posts? If any, please comment below so that you become important to us and our readers.