After the evolution of the iOS 6 features, it is said that the map feature on iOS 6 is much greater than any other online map services. Google Maps provided  a map layout view where a clear view of paths can be seen. This view is more useful when knowing about directions and paths. A better detailed view is satellite view. Google launched this service to serve more people a better service. It showed all the things that are available on earth with enough zoom. Google Earth showed things on map in a lateral view which was very easy to navigate through places but Apple too brought such features but more better than Google did. Google has already a Street view feature which can show all streets just like going in a car at that places. The earth view shows only objects in the earth as a flat images.

Apple gave a 3D view to their maps and is said to be live on iOS 6 which will be coming this fall. The most expected iOS which brings more features than ever. Still, the iOS 6 can be installed by doing jailbreaking, I hope you won't be getting most out of the trick. Apple iPhone has relatively a larger screen to contain information that displayed in the screen. The map feature too is just enough for directing directions to the user. Apple has integrated a 3D map feature in iOS 6. This is pretty awesome. The map moreover looks like Google Earth which initially shows a earth object and when you zoom further, it shows objects on the earth more clearly. The map feature in iOS 6 provides 3D buildings and objects where you may feel like things you really touch.

It shows the area information and turn by turn directions for driving. As far as Apple is concerned, touch screen plays a great part in making users to feel like royal. For maps, to change the angle, just make a finger stay still and other finger to move. The angle changes.

Usually Google wants to be the #1 on web but after integrating a 3D feature in Apple's iOS 6, Google may try to integrate this feature in their Maps. It would be nice for people who use Google Maps but always, a iOS user feels that his/her product is a good one. Apple is always unique and tries to bring out newer technology on its devices.

Watch the below video. It shows the working of iOS 6 Maps.

[youtube IgLDkHJduRg]

Not only this, Apple has integrated more features than this new map feature in the upcoming iOS 6 update.

Does Google brings this feature in their maps? Share your comments below.