Two most popular tech platforms in the world is Windows and Facebook. Most of the computers in the world run Windows operating system. Recently, the launch of Windows 8 let the users to experience a better version of Windows. The unique feature on this operating system is, support for touch and cloud services. It's true that users might enjoy touching Windows 8 with their fingers. Facebook is the place to share every stuffs. As sharing is one of the important activity in one's life, Facebook has become popular. Sharing photos and stuffs can recall something happened in the past. Now with Windows 8, you can manage Facebook Albums as Windows Folders.

When you want to upload photos, you need to open a web browser, head to Facebook and upload it. But what if, you can directly upload photos from your Windows Operating System? You can see your previously uploaded albums as a folder on your Windows operating system. To add photos, you just need to copy photos as you do normally on Windows Explorer. After copying it to a respective folder, you can just tap the upload button to make similar changes in your Facebook Albums.

Facebook Albums as Windows Folders

This feature is not officially provided by Windows or Facebook but developers have made it possible. As Microsoft has brought a new feature to download apps from Windows Store, applications for Windows 8 is now multiplying like Android applications for smartphone. Computers have now become more smarter than ever with Windows 8. The application named, DropPics Free allows you to manage your Facebook Albums as Windows Folders.

You can download DropPics Free from Windows Store. Just head here.

People think that they want to downgrade Windows 8 but it is much better to stay on Windows 8. It is much worthier. Read this to learn why you are not supposed to downgrade from Windows 8.

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