Rage comics and Rage faces have become more popular these days on Internet, especially Websites which contain entertainment based stuffs. These become a new way to represent some conversation or any situation more funny. Some tools and websites are available to create rage comics but now you may make your own rage comic. That too, in your own photo. Capture your picture or your friend's picture with your iPhone or iPad and edit with Trollolol. I am sure, this will make your photo funny and also protects your privacy.

How can I make Rage Comic with my own photo?

Rage comic can be made by using a simple iOS application. The application is named as Trollolol. Trollolol sounds, just like, trolling someone and laughing out loud. You can make use of this application by downloading this app from the iTunes for your iPhone and iPad.

Features of Trollolol:

Trollolol can be used as an instant tool to capture, edit and share on Facebook with friends. This will make your job more easier with you hands just by few taps and swipes. When you capture any image and when you open the photo, it will automatically detect your face and shows a list of rage face to choose with.

Detect Face on Photos Trollolol

Choose Rage Face Trollolol

This will help you to choose rage face for the detected face. Everything is automatic here. But in case, if you feel bad with the results, you may edit the picture by flipping, rotating scaling or changing the rage face.

You may select anything depending on the gender. If your photo contains male character, select a male meme, else a derpina will do a better job.

After creating you may email the picture some one at that instant or share on Facebook instantly. If you don't like to share, just save it in your iPhone to show your friends personally. You can also choose photos from your photo library in your iPhone.

Share instantly Trollolol

The application is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Usually, works fine with iOS 4.0 or later.

You may download Trollolol from iTunes - Link

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Feel free to share your comments below. It's time for making your friend or your face a rage face.

Image courtesy: RaaZ