Facebook is the largest Social Networking site as it have millions of people in it. Facebook has made the Business more easier and simpler. Most of the people have a Page on Facebook with numerous likes but advertising of an individual posts really provides more number of reach to that post. Earlier there was only Advertising of Posts/Page. When you advertise, your Page/Post will be displayed in right side of the Facebook. Usually it is displayed to people around the world or specified countries you choose while advertising. This will reach more people thereby, welcoming more people around the world on Facebook to your Page. Promoting page will increase likes to your page.

Now, Facebook has recently introduced to show sponsored posts which appears just as a real posts in the news feed but gives maximum reach. Each of your Fan will be shown the post. This is called Promotion of posts. If you do not promote the post, your post will reach people normally, that is, it will reach the fans only if they are online to see news feed. They might miss your posts if they are offline. By promoting, even your fans are offline, they will be seeing your Page Posts when they come online, right in their news feed as a Sponsored Post and this is said to last for three days in your Fans' News feed. Not for full three days but if your promoted posts appears once in their news feed, it will go off. When any of your fans interact with the post, their friends might be receiving updates on his/her activity who interacted with your post. Promoted Posts will reach maximum percentage reach among your fans, and if they interact, their friends might be coming to know about your page and the post. Facebook has introduced a budget based method of promoting posts. You may promote your page when you publish the post or also the recent posts you've posted in your page. Remember that Facebook allows promoting only the posts which is 3 days old since the creation. This is because, Facebook shows only the recent posts on user's News feed. Facebook provides two different budget for promoting posts, $5 and $10 which is more cheaper than advertising a page/post. Administrator can choose for any budget which he can afford.

Consider, if your Page contains more than one administrator. Any administrator of a page can promote the post but if you promote a post, then, other administrators of your page will not be able to edit the promotion you've setup. A promotion can be paused at any time out of the promotion days. When you pause, people won't be able to see your post on News feed.

The Payment options can be changed. You may promote any type of post like Videos, Status updates, Photos, Questions and offers that you make for business. While promoting, you may also target people from specific location using the privacy settings. This is done as usual like you do for a privacy change in your profile while publishing a post and no changes in it.

What is your view about this feature? It is very much easy to promote post while you publish the post or your recent posts. Share your comments here.