Facebook has recently updated their security forces. It seem, it had enhanced the security feature still more, making the Facebook users to stay safe and secure on Facebook. Recently, LinkedIn and eHarmony got hacked and users where asked to change their passwords. To avoid such a situation, Facebook improves its security features and enhances lot in advance. millions of the Facebook users might have seen about a notification to learn more about the Facebook security. It's a basic need to know more about enhancing security of a Facebook account. Out of my experience, I have given you few tips to improve security to a Facebook profile.

Friend Requests:

You must consider a person as a friend only if you know him/her personally. It is better to reject the friend request if you get a one from a stranger. Always confirm yourself about the friend request you receive on Facebook. The request sent to you can also be a fake one. Also, it's better not to send friend request to strangers. I've seen many people respects this privacy but still, if a boy receives a friend request from a girl, he don't even think twice about that profile. He just accepts it. Verify a profile before adding it to your friend list. Facebook contains a method of recovering a Facebook account by referring 3 friends in your list. Any person can give you request from 3 Facebook accounts and can easily compromise your account.

Things to hide:

It is a must to hide some personal information like phone number and email addresses from friends. If you are a business man who do marketing on Facebook, then you may show email address and phone number to be open to all. Always confirm that your email address is working fine and is only accessible to you because any person who can log in to your email address associated with Facebook can compromise your Facebook account.

Security question:

This is one of the major issues to be considered. People, when they start a new Facebook account, they provide a easier question and answer. This may be due to hurrying up for a new Facebook account or may be due to innocence. Always remember that you have to provide a security question which you only know the answer. People may use social engineering tricks to make you reveal the security question. Always be conscious, that you have provided the same question to Facebook. In Facebook, you cannot change the security question. So, you must be more careful when you add the security question.

Mobile Number:

Always have a mobile log in notification so that even when a hacker logs into your account, you'll be safe. Your account gets logged in only when you confirm the log in using the confirmation code sent to your phone.


Popularity demands more spammers. Before clicking any external link, be careful. They can be a spam link which can harm your profile. Now, a spam which "... sent you a request in Who visited your profile". As it have a Facebook icon as Application icon, people are more liable to get trapped on them. Always remember, Facebook won't introduce such feature without any notification. The notification will be like a Tour which you might have experienced when getting the new timeline.

The new announcement made by the Facebook is, it will ask for the mobile number to ensure security of your naccount so that whenever your password gets changed, you will get an SMS notification.

Comment your thoughts about security of Facebook, below.