Technologists and scientist have been working hard to innovate new stuffs. No one would have imagined that we can capture small and then recreate them for feeling the same in future. Madeleine, a new device is designed by Amy Radcliffe at Central Saint Martins can capture aroma or smell from any material stuffs. While camera are capturing images, why can't a device can capture small? When pictures were snapped initially with a camera, people wondered a lot about the invention. Slowly, cameras started to develop and people now learn a new art called 'Photography'.

Madeleine Capture Smell

No one can imagine that an idea can give out a lot of other ideas to the people. It all depends on the way of thinking which people do. Madeleine is a device which can be used to capture smell from any material stuffs. The smell is captured by fixing a funnel to a material of whose the smell is to be captured or saved for future purpose. The aroma or smell will record at different values of the graph in the device which gets saved for the future use. When you want to feel that smell again, the device just recreates the same smell with those values which got saved.

As this is a new kind of development, there are some limitations while using it. Unlike cameras, Madeleine will take more time to capture the smell. Madeleine will take minutes to capture a smell. Sometimes, to capture a sharp smell, it may take even 24 hours but the device can really make you feel with the same smell which you recorded.

They don't exactly use graph values but they use some kind of graph-like formula which can bring back the smell whenever it is requested by the user to feel.

I would also like to share you with some information which some people might have known. Few days ago, on April 1, 2013 people were fooled by Google by the new feature called 'Google Nose'. This prank played on some people which made them to smell their monitor.  You can learn more about the Google Nose here.

This new way of recording scent is called 'scentography'. This would have a good scope in future years.

What is your thought on this new device? The speed of recording may be increased eventually in future. Do you think that these  devices would save old memories? Share your thoughts here in comments.