The improvements brought by Apple always attracts the customers in the market. Apple concentrate more on all its products for improving it. Recently, Apple has introduced MacBook Pro with Retina display in it. Most of the users are very much attracted towareds the Retina display feature and reveals a good feedback about in it. Apple already launched its MacBook Pro without the Retina display. The performance of the MacBook was great though. The same MacBook was Pro is now just equipped with Retina display which features more in displaying the images, text and other multimedia stuffs clearly and in more detailed manner.

The MacBook Pro with Retina display has a 15 inch screen which contains 5.1 million pixels. It runs using Intel Core i7 Quad Core CPU. The new Retina MacBook Pro provides largest resolution than other notebooks provide. The reflection on the display screen is reduced more. People who wear spectacles or contact lenses feel like seeing the screen without such stuffs. People feel like, they can see the monitor more clearly that their contact lenses have fallen out.

The new Macbook Pro with retina display is compatible with the latest Mac OS X Mountain Lion. The macbook pro with retina display is weighed 4.46 pounds and the design is 0.71 inch thin. We can say, MacBook Pro is a competition with Ultrabooks that run Windows Operating system.

The high resolution screen provides 2880 x 1800. If you are a image editor or the one who do more work on images, then MacBook Pro with Retina display can make your work easier. The display screen provides best brightness when the notebook is used at night times or in dark. The icons and images are so sharp that their edges are more clearly seen. Look below the image showing the difference between the MacBook Pro with ordinary display Ā feature and Retina display technology.

Even the text is less crispier in Retina display. The performance is greater than ever as it uses a Quad core Intel Core i7 CPU. The battery lifetime is more compared to other notebooks. It provides a long life battery which can run for 30 days in stand by mode. It provides 7 hours charge. I think most of the Windows powered notebooks won't provide such a long battery charge.

As it have to provide a greater impact on its display, the all new MacBook Pro with Retina Display features NVIDIA graphics for greater performance.

It provides a HDMI port for watching High definition movies. The clarity of a 22 inches LED Television can be obtained in this MacBook Pro Retina Display. It offers a USB 3.0 port where your file transfer speed can be doubled than that of you do in USB 2.0. File transfer can also be done with another new technology, Bluetooth 4.0. It more special in Apple - whatever new technology comes, they integrate it on their product. That's why people still love Apple.

MacBook Pro with Retina Display also features more on its audio technology. Apple provides dual mics and dual speakers for better efficiency of music. For Facetime calling, it provides a High Definition Camera.

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