There's been craze for people to increase their followers and friends. Not really, but they need to have more followers and friends on Facebook or Twitter or Google+. Programmers and other computer freaks have started to find applications, write scripts and spam for getting more followers and friends. However, some people follow a method to bring more friends. That is by, liking their activity or post. Sometimes, when a stranger on Facebook likes your comment or like your status, you may land to his or her timeline. If that person's timeline really attracts you, you may send him or her friend request. Like all status and comments on Facebook News feed so that your friends will know your presence.

Like all status and comments on Facebook News Feed

We add most of the strangers on Facebook and have a bulky friend list. We really do not know all friends in our friend list. Hence, we have to show people that you are in their friend list. What's the point? Are you drunk? No, when you "like" your friend's status always, they will be thinking that you are kind to him. Now a days, people have also gone craze for getting "likes" on Facebook post. Auto likers have been made for such people. But still, such likers can lose a profile's privacy (learn more). People also expect real likes. When you like their status or photo or other post, they may also give importance to your post. However, this is just an assumption. May be, idiotic. We can't expect things from people. This post is for people who considers this assumption the most.

You must be using Mozilla Firefox to perform this trick. Also, a Firefox user must have installed the add on Greasemonkey before installing the script on your browser. Install Greasemonkey from the below URL:

After installing, just navigate to the below link and click on the Install button to make the script installed on your browser.

Once when you have installed the script, you may just reload or log in into your Facebook account to get options for Liking all status and comments.

Note: For people who fear for getting banned of their likes can very well use this script. When Facebook detects that your liking activity is faster, the script automatically stops. The warning box might contain a captcha for you to enter so that your liking activity is stopped and your account is safe.

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