2016 is all about three things: Leo (Leonardo Dicaprio), Rio (Olympics 2016) and Jio. Reliance India wants to cover as much as possible and beat the competition with big network giants like Airtel, Vodafone and BSNL. Jio is performing right for the most of the people in India, but there are a lot of downsides that people complain often. It seems like everyone needs free data but not a quality network. Learn how Jio free services match quality; while other cannot.

I recently switched to Jio and experiencing the unlimited 4G data for 3 months. It is blazingly fast but still there are some downsides that I could experience. Reliance has already brought various technology innovations in India and have impressed Indians in a lot of ways. This time, Reliance is the biggest hype among people. Every citizen in India could wonder about providing free data to all individuals who use a 4G device.

How can Jio free services are possible while other network charges for it?

According to statistics, a customer pays Rs. 150 a month on an average for his mobile. Taking this into account, Reliance had started their pack at Rs. 149 with 300 MB of LTE data and free unlimited voice calling. Reliance Jio will still get profit with the current plan. The reason why they have not charged for voice calling is, Jio provides a new technology that other networks haven't established yet. They use Voice over LTE or VoLTE, where they do not have to charge customers for voice calls.

However, the company, to give better plans for the customers have also introduced plans less than Rs. 149 but those plans do not contain unlimited voice calling; instead, they charge for each call per minute or per second basis. Reliance Jio would somehow make you choose an unlimited voice call plans starting at Rs. 149. These plans would make Reliance Jio to provide resources for people to use their services.

A Myth About the Company

There is a saying about the company by the people who had used their services. Reliance is the biggest firm in India that has a large number of customers, but the company's product would fall so soon after other big giants start to compete with Reliance. A scenario happened back in 10 years ago when Reliance first introduced CDMA mobile phones in India and the only B/W phone that can provide USB Tethering of GPRS data with RWorld.

We do not know what happens to Jio free services or paid services after few months or so. Big giants such as Airtel and BSNL has already introduced offers that are competitive to Jio. At least, some networks bring offers to lock their customers from switching to other networks by adding mega data saver packs and similar packs.

What's Bad in Jio**?**

Jio is free, and everyone knows it. Indians love free stuffs and which countrymen doesn't? Jio is still in preview mode and isn't still a stable network. Everyone should understand this.

A preview SIM in other network providers will be given to their employees and will be tested but in Jio, even after such trials, the company has decided to provide customers with a free SIM. This not only attracts the customers but also will help the company to manage resources when there is heavy traffic.

After three weeks of hard using Jio...

I am a avid Internet user and when they announced about the free data for 3 months, as other netizens, I was also one to rush to the Reliance Digital to buy a Jio SIM.

Jio Free Services on Free SIM

Best Part

I have been using Jio since 3 weeks and here is what I found good about it.

1. Unlimited Calls to any network all over the country

This is the biggest news to all countrymen. No network till now provides free voice calling. Jio has given 3 months of free unlimited voice calls and will charge after 3 months with the plans customers choose after the trial period. Call anyone in India and talk with your loved ones without having to pay for it.

2. Free 4G Data

A faster technology, absolutely for free for 3 months. After the trial period ends, Jio provides plans that are much cheaper than other data packs offered by the big mobile network giants.

3. Jio Free Services Apps

India will soon become a fully technology-oriented country with Jio. Jio provides number of apps with Jio free services such as,

  • JioCinema
  • JioTV
  • JioMusic
  • JioMags
  • JioXpressNews
  • JioDrive
  • JioMoney
  • Jionet
  • AJio

With these apps, Jio will make your life even more easier. Just imagine, you can pay for things you buy online using JioMoney without searching for your credit or debit card.

4. Jio Public WiFi

Jio is going to provide hotspot zones across the country so that customers can make use of internet at much higher speeds. The company has  already learnt about the importance of connecting people across the country is an essential thing to be made. Facebook tied up with Jio for Internet.org initiative in India, but due to protest against the strategies that Facebook would like to follow, they just need to move on.

Sad Part

I have been using Jio since 3 weeks and here is what I found sad about it.

1. LTE is not fast as broadband.

Jio free services only provides 4G. You have no option to switch to 3G or 2G. Jio is a wireless network, and you will have to understand about the drawbacks that a wireless network would lack. At your home, when you test your connection speed, you will be getting varying rates at each corner of your house.

At one point, your connection downloads at 8 Mbps and another edge 50 Mbps. It even goes as low as 3 Mbps for download. Also, ping for Jio connection is little slower than other LTE networks.

2. Do not rely on emergency calls on Jio

Jio calls are worst-in-worst. Calls do not connect all time you need. It wholly depends on a locality you reside too. If you live in an area where the population is high, there is a chance that your calls do not connect for the first time. You need to try twice or thrice for your call to get a place in Jio mobile station.

3. Signal Strength

Signal strength purely depends on where you are, but while travelling, your network should at least disconnect less amount of times. Jio calls, while moving, frequently disconnects due to the change of signal strength. My other mobile with Airtel is pure bliss. While Jio disconnects the call thrice while travelling, Airtel did not disconnect but had breaks in voice when the signal is weak and then it was back to normal. Voice break on Airtel was just once and did not happen again.


Jio is a new-comer. Jio is working hard to extend their services and building resources. We cannot find quality on the network usage right now. Other network giants have already established their resources for decent number of users. If you are going to buy a Jio SIM, you can always get it. I am writing this article without any disconnections or disruptions on Jio.